Regional Managers

What is the role of a regional manager?

The 13 regional managers are full-time staff members of the American Angus Association. They work with cattle breeders in their designated regions to promote Angus cattle, improve management practices and assist breeders who want to get started in the Angus business.

Regional managers also work with breeders to make sure their advertising needs are being met through the Angus Journal and Angus Beef Bulletin.

Regional managers can often be found working Angus sales and shows or representing the Association at livestock conventions.

Anyone needing assistance is encouraged to contact regional managers.
  1. Reese Tuckwiller
    CT , DC , DE , MA , MD , ME , NC , NH , NJ , NY , PA , RI , VA , VT , WV
  2. David Gazda
    Florida, Georgia, South Carolina
  3. Alex Tolbert
    Kentucky, Ohio, Tennessee
  4. Casey Jentz
    Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Wisconsin
  5. Adam Conover
    Iowa, Missouri
  6. Rod Geppert
    Minnesota, North Dakota, South Dakota
  7. Will Harsh
    Colorado, Nebraska
  8. Jeff Mafi
    Kansas, Oklahoma
  9. Radale Tiner
    New Mexico, Texas
  10. Kurt Kangas
    Alaska, Montana, Wyoming
  11. Landon Andrews
    Arizona, California, Nevada, Utah
  12. Quanah Gardiner
    Hawaii, Idaho, Oregon, Washington
  13. Shawn Gray
    Alabama, Arkansas, Louisiana, Mississippi
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