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Angus Foundation Benefits from Annual Silent Auction


            The 2005 Angus Foundation Silent Auction earned more than $9,900 at the National Junior Angus Show (NJAS), July 17-23 in Denver, Colo.  Angus supporters from across the country and state junior Angus associations donated a total of 67 items for the auction.  Donated items included antique herd books, jewelry, and John Deere paraphernalia, just to name a few.

Dick and Diane Beck, Red Lodge, Mont., purchased the high selling item again this year.  She bought the original American Angus Association Library carpet for $2,500.  Fred and Shirley Williams, Fort Smith, Ark., purchased the second high selling item, which was an Angus bull and heifer head print set.  The prints were purchased for $1,500.  Both high selling items were donated by Dean and Gloria Hurlbut, Saint Joseph, Mo.

“The silent auction is always a fun and enjoyable fund raising activity for donors and aspiring bidders alike,” said Milford Jenkins, director of development for the Angus Foundation.  “The funds raised will empower the Angus Foundation to further advance its education, youth and research initiatives.  We are very grateful for this generous support and we owe tremendous gratitude to everyone who helped make this year’s silent auction another outstanding success for the Angus Foundation!”

The Angus Foundation was established in 1981 as a not-for-profit 501(c)3 organization to support Angus education, youth and research.  To learn more about the Angus Foundation and the programs it supports, call the American Angus Association at (816) 383-5100 or go to



A special thanks to the donors and buyers on the attached lists:


2005 Angus Foundation Silent Auction – Donors


Agri Buckle, Fla.

Alabama Junior Angus Association

American Angus Association

Anita Becky, Colo.

California Junior Angus Association

Circle E Farms, Texas

Ewing Angus, Ill.

Frank & Julie Feeser, Md.

Grissom Implement, Okla.

Jake Grove, Calif.

Lyle Haring, Iowa

Hillside Angus, Mo.

Hilltop Angus, N.C.

Horn Springs Angus, Tenn.

Dean & Gloria Hurlbut, Mo.

Illinois Junior Angus Association

Indiana Junior Angus Association

Monica Jordan, Mo.

Kansas Junior Angus Association

Kentucky Junior Angus Association

Garrett & Clayton Lampe, Kan.

Heath McPherson, N.C.

Maryland Junior Angus Association

Michigan Junior Angus Association

Missouri Junior Angus Association

Montana Junior Angus Association

Nebraska Junior Angus Association

North Carolina Junior Angus Association

North Dakota Junior Angus Association

Ohio Junior Angus Association

Oklahoma Junior Angus Association

Pennsylvania Junior Angus Association

Petteway Citrus & Cattle, Fla.

Bob & Marillyn Schlutz, Iowa

Shooting Star Ranch, Idaho

South Dakota Angus Auxiliary

South Dakota Junior Angus Association

Tennessee Junior Angus Association

The Thelen Family, Mich.

Triple 3 Bars Angus, Kan.

12 Star Angus, La.

Virginia Junior Angus Association

Wisconsin Junior Angus Association


2005 Angus Foundation Silent Auction – Buyers


Scott Bayer, Wis.

Dick & Diane Beck, Mont.

Tom Burke, Mo.

David Burns, Ind.

Jessica Clarke, Md.

Cyndee Dickinson, Ill.

Megan Dunlap, Ariz.

Susan Epperly, Va.

Andrea Fitzgerald, Pa.

Mr. & Mrs. Clarence Frey, Okla.

Brett Fulmer, Md.

Blake Gamble, La.

Norman Garton, Mo.

Otsalee Gillenwater, Kan.

Marylin Hartzell, Wis.

Hope Herd, Mo.

Randy Howell, Colo.

Chris Jolley, Texas

Karen Jones, Kan.

Roy Jones, Mo.

Monica Jordan, Mo.

Jeffrey Kading, Mont.

Patricia Kerns, Md.

Jay & Kris King, Ill.

Cecil & Sandra McCurry, Kan.

Emily McCurry, Kan.

Mikenzi Meyers, Calif.

Abbey Nelson, Calif.

Mark Nieslanik, Colo.

Tanner Rayl, Kan.

Lori Repenning, S.D.

Ed Richardson, Va.

Chris Roussel, La.

Sharee Sankey, Kan.

Bob & Marillyn Schlutz, Iowa

Anne Patton Schubert, Ky.

Jeannie Smith, Texas

Judith Swanson, Iowa

Rick & Susan Taylor, Ark.

Julie Thelen, Mich.

Steve Thelen, Mich.

Richard & Kathy Tokach, N.D.

Brianna Walker, Neb.

Fred & Shirley Williams, Ark.

Windy Pine Angus, Wis.

Rebecca Wing, Fla.




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