Alberta Producers Travels 1,249 Miles to Unlock Keys to Beef Value Chain


July 2, 2024




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Cutline 1: Alberta cattlewoman, Adeleen Bolduc learns more about carcass value breaking down primal cuts into steaks in the Certified Angus Beef ® Meat Lab.


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Cutline 2: Alberta cattleman, Kevin Bolduc cooks up a steak at the Certified Angus Beef ® Culinary Center.


Alberta Producers Travels 1,249 Miles to Unlock Keys to Beef Value Chain

Two Alberta cattle producers are among a small group of breeders selected to attend the 2024 Beef Leaders Institute and spend a week learning about the beef value chain.


From pasture to plate, it takes multiple links in the value chain to bring Americans the hamburgers they are throwing on the grill this 4th of July. And each link is integral to the success of the others. That was one of many takeaways for the 25 Angus producers selected to attend the 2024 Beef Leaders Institute.

“To tour other parts of the industry, like a large packing plant, and hear about the challenges and how we, as producers, can help reduce those challenges, that is very valuable,” said attendee Rob Phillips of RL Valley Ranch in Athens, Ohio.

The American Angus Association®, in partnership with Certified Angus Beef ® brand and the Angus Foundation, hosts the annual program to develop young cattlemen and women as industry leaders.

“Our Angus breeders are the very beginning of the food chain. They are raising the high-quality Angus genetics that are the very start of things,” said Kara Lee, director of producer engagement at Certified Angus Beef. “However, sometimes producers can be so focused on executing that it can prevent them from having a better understanding of how they impact every step along the way to the consumer.”

Adeleen Bolduc of Stavely, Alberta and Kevin Bolduc also of Stavely, Alberta were selected for the program through an application process. Adeleen is a fifth-generation rancher who raises purebred Angus cattle with her husband and his family. Adeleen also owns Cudlobe Angus West AAA+ Beef, a branded beef program.

Kevin runs 300 cows and farms 200 acres with his family. The ranch was recently awarded Certified Angus Beef’s Commitment to Excellence.

Along with their fellow producers, the pair started the five-day tour at the American Angus Association® in St. Joseph, Missouri, and traveled to six states before wrapping up at the Certified Angus Beef headquarters in Wooster, Ohio. Attendees toured Tyson-Dakota City, Weborg Feedyard, Buckhead of Ohio, STgenetics, and a Meijer Grocery Store along the way.

The whirlwind of a travel week still allowed time for the attendees to get to know one another. This year’s group came from a wide range of operations that vary in size and kind, representing 16 states and two Canadian providences.

“Being a part of this really diverse and awesome group of people has been amazing,” said attendee Alli Fender of Flying F Ranch near San Diego, Cali. “It’s nice to now be able to pick up the phone and call any one of these producers to pick their brain about the industry.”

The Class of 2024 will have the opportunity to expand their network further at the Angus Convention in November where they will be invited to take part in a reunion event for all Beef Leaders Institute classes.

Applications for the 2025 Beef Leaders Institute will open in late fall to American Angus Association members between the ages of 25 and 45.


-          Written by Jessica Hartman, Angus Communications


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