Available Searches

The following data searches and tools are available.

Age In Days Calculator
Calculate the age windows for measurements used for AHIR data.
Angus Optimal Milk Module
A new educational module is now available for commercial producers. Angus Optimal Milk allows you to input your current average cow weight and cow herd milking level, as well as your annual estimated pasture and feed cost, to arrive at a milk EPD range matched to your needs.
Angus Link ℠
This allows you to search for enrolled feeder calves by selected state(s).
EPD/Pedigree Lookup
This feature allows you to search the American Angus Association's database of registered angus cattle to see pedigree, EPD, and $Value information of any registered animal. You have the ability to search by registration number or name and link through the animal's pedigree to see previous generations.
Gestation Calculator
Calculate an approximate due date or service date for breeding animals with the gestation calculator.
Member Lookup
In this area you can search for current active life and regular members.
On-line, searchable version of the most recent Angus Pathfinder report.
Sire Evaluation
On-line, searchable version of the most recent Angus Sire Evaluation report.
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