Connealy attends 2023 Young Cattlemen’s Conference

June 16, 2023




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Cutline: Gabriel Connealy of Whitman, Neb., represented the Angus breed at the 2023 National Cattlemen’s Beef Association’s Young Cattlemen’s Conference, June 1-9. Each year the Angus Foundation selects one cattleman to represent the breed at the conference. (Photo courtesy of NCBA.)


Connealy attends 2023 Young Cattlemen’s Conference

Gabriel Connealy, Whitman, Neb., represents the Angus breed at the NCBA’s Young Cattlemen’s Conference.

Gabriel Connealy of Whitman, Nebraska, represented the Angus breed at the National Cattlemen’s Beef Association’s (NCBA) 2023 Young Cattlemen’s Conference (YCC), June 1-9. Each year, the Angus Foundation selects and sponsors an individual to attend the conference. Originally selected in 2020, Connealy’s trip was postponed several years due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The group of over 70 cattlemen from across the nation convened in Denver, starting the conference at the NCBA office and concluding the trip in Washington, D.C., with a visit to Capitol Hill. Throughout their travels, attendees explored the beef value chain from pasture to plate, including stops at Five Rivers Cattle Feeding, Nebraska Cattlemen’s Association, Tyson Foods beef plant, Certified Angus Beef and Wendy’s Global Headquarters. Connealy said he enjoyed the variety of stops, from gaining an eye-opening new perspective at Wendy’s to visits he was more familiar with.

“Visiting Certified Angus Beef (CAB) is a highlight of any trip, and it was great to see the reactions of other participants who were unfamiliar with CAB,” Connealy said.

YCC is designed to broaden experiences for the cattlemen that attend. “Personally, I had little experience or knowledge of the policymaking or lobbying portion of our industry — the D.C. aspect of the trip was especially beneficial.”

Connealy is well versed in both involvement and history within the Angus breed. Growing up in Nebraska on his family’s Angus seedstock operation, Connealy Angus, he developed a passion for the industry and desire to assist the family business. This led him to obtain his bachelor’s degree in finance and later his master’s degree, with an emphasis in animal breeding and genetics, from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln (UNL). In addition to managing the family herd of 3,000 registered Angus cows, Connealy is a member of NCBA, has served as an Angus Convention voting delegate and played an integral role in the startup of his local Grant County Nebraska Farm Bureau chapter. His hunger for knowledge and dedication to the industry made YCC the ideal learning opportunity. Connealy emphasized the uniqueness of this experience, which allowed him to connect with and learn from fellow cattlemen from a variety of backgrounds.

“Truly, the highlight of the trip was the other participants from around the nation,” Connealy said. “I was exposed to aspects of our industry that I knew little about, and made many friends that I hope to keep in touch with and trade lessons with for years to come.”

The Angus Foundation selects a young cattleman to represent the breed at the conference annually through an application process. Emphasis is placed on applicants’ leadership experiences and American Angus Association® and beef industry involvement. The attendee’s trip is fully underwritten through the Angus Fund, which provides unrestricted support for the Foundation’s mission to advance Angus education, youth and research.

“I’m honored and humbled to be able to represent the Angus breed and Angus Foundation at YCC,” Connealy said. “I’d like to give a sincere thank you to the Association and the Foundation for the opportunity. There are many great young people in our breed, and I would encourage each and every one of them to apply for YCC.”

“We are fortunate to have had someone with as much passion and dedication as Gabriel representing the Angus breed at YCC,” said Jaclyn Boester, Angus Foundation executive director. “We’re very proud to provide this support as he expands his industry knowledge and leadership, and we’re thankful for the generous donors that allow us to do so.”

Applications to represent the Angus breed at the 2024 YCC will be due in January of the upcoming year. To learn more about this opportunity and the work of the Angus Foundation, visit

— Written by Peyton Schmitt, Angus Communications

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