2023 Young Cattlemen's Conference Angus representative selected


April 15, 2024




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Cutline: The Angus Foundation selected Jeremy Leister of Fairmont, Oka., to represent the Angus breed at the 2024 National Cattlemen’s Beef Association’s Young Cattlemen's Conference.


2024 Young Cattlemen's Conference Angus representative selected

Leister selected to represent the Angus breed at the NCBA’s Young Cattlemen's Conference.

The Angus Foundation selected Jeremy Leister of Fairmont, Oka. to represent the Angus breed at this year’s National Cattlemen’s Beef Association’s (NCBA) Young Cattlemen's Conference (YCC). Each year, the Foundation selects and sponsors an individual to attend the conference, held in June.

Leister is the Ranch Manager at Pollard Farms. He and his wife, Summer, also own and operate Miami Creek Cattle Co. Leister has demonstrated his passion for not only the Angus breed, but the cattle industry. He has prioritized volunteering at local, regional and national events. Leister has served as Director at-Large for the Oklahoma Angus Association and sits on the OSU Animal Science Alumni Board. Leister believes it is important to participate and be well-versed in the many facets of the beef industry to be a strong advocate.

“It is imperative to consistently apprise lawmakers and legislators of the challenges faced within the industry,” said Leister in his application. “The approach to necessary changes must be thoughtful, weighing the need for adaptation against the effectiveness of the current system.”

Those who know Leister well say his dedication to the breed and ability to communicate effectively across all age groups makes him an outstanding representative.

“His perpetual dedication to research and continuous efforts to enhance the Angus herd under his care reflect his commitment to improvement,” said Kirk Stierwalt of Stierwalt Cattle and Clinics. “Personally, I admire, honor, and am grateful to call him a friend.”

Leister will join an elite group of cattlemen who have graduated from the YCC program which provides young leaders with a comprehensive understanding of all aspects of the industry, from cattle and beef production to the consumer, including exposure to the national grassroots process.

“The Angus Foundation is honored to have Jeremy Leister as the 2024 YCC Candidate,” said Jaclyn Boester, Angus Foundation executive director. “He has a vast knowledge of the Angus breed and the agricultural industry, and we are excited to see what he takes away from this opportunity."

— Written by Jessica Hartman, Angus Communications

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