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Dec. 17, 2014


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Make A Tax Deductible Gift Today

Support education, youth and research before Dec. 31.


Charitable gifts can be made throughout the year in support of the Angus Foundation’s education, youth and research initiatives. For those waiting until the end of the year to make their outright cash gift by mail, their gift envelope must be U.S. postmarked by Dec. 31 to qualify with the Internal Revenue Service’s guidelines for this year’s income tax purposes.

“Charitable giving considerations to benefit the Angus Foundation, in the waning days of this year, will be greatly appreciated,” says Milford Jenkins, Angus Foundation president. “By making charitable gifts to a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit charity of their choice, individuals adverse to paying income taxes can reduce the amount they owe.”

If you’re planning to make a gift of securities (appreciated stock) electronically, please call the Angus Foundation well in advance of the December 31 deadline so necessary arrangements can be made for the transfer of your securities and gift.

Over the days ahead, individuals 70½ years of age or older will want to pay close attention to the U.S. Congress decision whether to extend the “charitable rollover” provision for those individuals to make gifts directly from their Traditional or Roth IRAs tax-free to 501(c) (3) charitable organizations like the Angus Foundation for 2014. If passed, funds donated in this manner would not be subject to income or estate tax, and up to the mandatory $100,000 IRA withdrawal level per spouse may be given to the charity.

Gifts from IRAs can be designated by the donor(s) to establish a permanent endowment fund in their name, ranch or farm name, a beloved family member’s name insuring their legacy is carried on in perpetuity in the Angus breed. Donors of IRA Charitable Rollover Gifts can designate the endowment fund to support a specific education, youth or research activity of interest to them.

Donors will be recognized for their support while simultaneously benefiting this tax year from tax-deductible charitable gifts, as allowed by law. Also, those who donate $250 or more will be invited to the 2015 Angus Foundation Supporter Recognition Event and donations of all sizes will be recognized for the 2015 fiscal year.

For more information, please contact Jenkins at 816-383-5100 or to discuss charitable options available to you.


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