Celebrating 150 Years – Angus Foundation honors a legacy built with Annual Fund

November 1, 2022




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Celebrating 150 Years – Angus Foundation honors a legacy built with Annual Fund

Campaign encourages breeders to continue the Angus legacy. 


In 1873, a Scottish, Angus breeder named George Grant came to America with the dream to build a legacy — a legacy that went on to make a lasting impression on the beef industry. Grant, a forward-thinker, brought the first Angus bulls to the prairies of Victoria, Kansas. When crossed with the Texas longhorn cows native to the plains, the bulls sired calves well-suited to the region. These results demonstrated the Angus breed’s initial value in the United States. The legacy is still being built 150 years later through the Angus Foundation. 

To honor and celebrate the breed’s history and future, the Angus Foundation is launching the “A Legacy Built” campaign. The campaign asks every member to give $150 to the Angus Foundation, earmarked to the Angus Fund, to build unrestricted donations for Angus programs. 

“Through the “A Legacy Built” campaign, the goal is to reach all American Angus Association® members, big or small. With $150, we can continue building a legacy with the Angus Foundation’s mission of advancing education, youth and research,” says Jaclyn Boester, executive director of the Angus Foundation. “Whether it’s a one-time donation or a monthly occurrence, members of any size can contribute a lasting legacy to the future of the Angus breed.” 

To be a part of “A Legacy Built,” members can donate through the Angus Foundation website at, mail a check to the Angus Foundation or pledge support during events like Angus Convention, Cattlemen’s Congress, National Western Stock Show or the National Junior Angus Show.  

George Grant took a risk bringing four Angus bulls to America. Little did he know the legacy he built would last 150 years. Let’s make 150 more. 

Members interested in participating in the program can learn more at the Angus Foundation website or contact Jaclyn Upperman, at

    Written by Jaclyn Upperman, Angus Foundation

About the Angus Foundation

Established as a 501(c)(3) organization in 1980, the Angus Foundation remains focused on its mission to support Angus education, youth, and research. The organization as distributed more than $3.9 million in youth scholarships since 1998 and has also invested more than $1.3 million in beef cattle research in the past decade.


For more information, contact the Angus Foundation at 816-383-5100.


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