South Dakota Farm Recognized as a Historic Angus Herd


April 4, 2024 




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Cutline: Cracker Jack is one of Erdmann Angus Ranch’s most recognized bulls. He gained popularity for consistently siring great Angus cattle. 


South Dakota Farm Recognized as a Historic Angus Herd 

Erdmann Angus Ranch has been home to Angus cattle for more than 50 years. 


Ora Erdmann established Erdmann Angus Ranch in 1943 in Leola, S.D., with the purchase of an Angus bull. 

The Tesch Brothers of Watertown, S.D., had a considerable influence on Erdmann’s choice of the Angus breed. While attending a bull sale in Watertown, Erdmann heard that the Tesch Brothers traveled to the Chicago International Livestock Exposition with their Angus cattle on railcars. After that Erdmann decided to purchase his first Angus bull from Art Tesch in Watertown. 

The Erdmann herd had great success and grew in the 1940’s and 1950’s. In the 1960’s, the family incorporated new Angus bulls and bloodlines into the herd and the first of many Angus bull sales was held in 1969.  

Many of the Erdmann cattle have been recognized at livestock shows and in sale records for their performance. Some of those cattle included Cracker Jack, Elleenmere Lad, Hans 22D, Dr. Spock and Kazoo.  

The Erdmann family were recognized as South Dakota Angus Breeder of the Year in the 1980’s and 1990’s. 

In the 1980's Ora retired and his sons Albert, LeRoy, and Ron decided to continue the legacy. When LeRoy passed away unexpectedly, the herd was split between Albert and Ron, who chose to raise their share of the cattle in separate locations and on their own terms. Albert in Leola and Ron in Wetonka. 

In 1999, Albert’s sons Daniel and Joseph took over management of the two locations. Daniel and his wife, Anne Jo, took over the herd in Leola and Joseph and his wife, Sheila, took over the herd in Wetonka 

Today, Daniel and Joseph, along with their families, still manage the two operations, working together as a team. Between the two locations, they have 800 bred cows in production, 150 replacement heifers, 50 bull calves, and 40 herd bulls. 

The American Angus Associations Historic Angus Herd Award recognizes Angus breeders and immediate families who have been in continuous production of registered-Angus cattle for 50 years or more. Visit for more information or to view a list of awarded members since the program began in 1988. 


Written by Amber Wahlgren, Angus Communications 


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