Texas Angus Auxiliary Establishes Endowment Fund

Feb. 28, 2014




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Texas Angus Auxiliary Establishes Endowment Fund

Texas Angus youth are eligible for a scholarship funded through the Angus Foundation


At the Texas Angus Auxiliary’s Annual Meeting in Fort Worth, President Pearl Silvey presented a $25,000 check to the Angus Foundation. This check creates a permanent scholarship endowment within the Angus Foundation, helping fund scholarships for Texas Angus youth for years to come. 

Eligible youth are offered a $1,000 scholarship. One girl and one boy will be chosen as recipients each year, and are also eligible for the American Angus Auxiliary scholarship. Recipients must be graduating seniors who are continuing their education at the collegiate level. Application deadline for this year’s scholarship is May 1.

“Through the Angus Foundation’s strategic investment portfolio, we will be able to grow the Texas Angus Auxiliary’s scholarship fund far beyond what we could do on our own,” Silvey says. “With the potential growth of the fund, the Texas Angus Auxiliary will be able to provide more scholarships to help ensure our youth carry on the Angus breed.”

Barbara Ettredge, Texas Angus Auxiliary 2nd Vice President says while determining the best investment for their funds was a daunting task, the Angus Foundation was the ideal choice and the vote was unanimous among its members. 

“We appreciate the Angus Foundation allowing us to continue to choose our scholarship recipients,” Ettredge says.

Endowment funds through the Angus Foundation allow Angus breeders and other supporters a way to support the Angus Foundation, while also creating a permanent funding mechanism to provide for the scholarships in future years.

 “We are humbled by the Texas Angus Auxiliary’s confidence in our organization’s ability to serve as the permanent charitable beneficiary,” says Milford Jenkins, Angus Foundation president. “These funds are an example of the hard work from past and current members of the Texas Angus Auxiliary, and their passion for helping Angus youth to attend college.”

The Texas Angus Auxiliary scholarship joins the five additional Texas Angus scholarships funded annually by the Texas Angus Association through the Angus Foundation.

For more information or to apply for the Texas Angus Auxiliary’s undergraduate scholarship, visit Application deadline is May 1.


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