Win Up To $2,000 for Your State

By Morgan Boecker, Certified Angus Beef | American Angus Association

“Just tell your story.” That’s easier said than done to gain consumer trust. Luckily, there’s a simpler way to tell your story: Beef Quality Assurance (BQA) certification.

Consumers' greatest concern is animal welfare, and those aren’t easy practices to quantify. But through accredited programs like Beef Quality Assurance, you can verify your commitment to care with consumers. That’s why CAB is asking Angus breeders to share their BQA certificate to share a stronger animal welfare story with its licensed partners and consumers.

From now through June 30, 2023, CAB is challenging Angus breeders to obtain their BQA certificate or renew an expired one. By submitting a BQA certificate at, members will be entered for a chance to win their state or regional association between $1,000 to $2,000.

An association must have at least 30% of its members submit their BQA or equivalent certificate to be eligible for the financial reward. The three Angus associations that have the most certifications submitted above the threshold will receive money to use at their discretion.

“BQA provides cattlemen a framework to capture production information and then share that information with consumers,” says Bruce Cobb, CAB executive vice president of production. “Surveys show that when consumers learn about BQA, their trust in producers grows.”

To obtain a BQA certificate or renew an expired one, go to to find a training near your or get certified online. Getting certified online happens at your own pace and just takes a few hours that can be broken up over multiple days.

It’s a simple, free and effective way for you to protect the rancher's reputation in a way that resonates with every segment of the beef industry.

“BQA certificates expire every three years,” Cobb says. “So it’s a continuing opportunity to learn the latest best practices backed by science and common sense.”

This challenge is part of a CAB campaign called “Cut the Bull.” The campaign aims to help farmers and ranchers get credit for the work they’re already doing through a voluntary program that is non-invasive to their business strategy. 

Cut the Bull shows producers a simpler way to tell their story,” Cobb says. “But it also tells beef buyers and sellers what producers have always done for effective cattle care.”

Submit a BQA certificate and enter the challenge for your state or regional Angus association to win money at

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