Registration: DNA Rules & Reminders

By Briley Richard | American Angus Association

You’ve made the breeding decisions, you’ve gotten everything calved out and now it’s time to register your animals. For many, this can seem like a daunting task, especially when error codes pop up, you forget to transfer an artificial insemination (AI) Certificate and the stress ensues. To make the registration process easier, below are some DNA reminders to keep in mind when registering this year’s calf crop.  


  • AI sires must be tested for all genetic conditions prior to being able to transfer AI Certificates.
  • A record of the DNA-marker type, or blood type of all AI sires must be filed with the Association before calves sired artificially by such bulls are eligible for registration or before “Out of Herd” AI Certificates may be obtained from the Association.   


Labeling of Semen:

  • The owner or each individual co-owner of a bull used for AI is responsible for identifying the semen and permanently label it before freezing. 
  • To be eligible for registration, the semen identification must include the registered name and registration number of the bull plus the date of collection for the resulting calves.
  • When semen is not properly identified, the seller of the semen shall immediately inform the buyer(s) of the semen of the error.  


Death of Bulls Used Artificially:

  • Calves conceived after the death of a bull are eligible for registration under the same conditions and provisions governing the eligibility of calves conceived by artificial insemination prior to the death of said bull.


We hope these rule reminders help make the process of registrations easy and efficient. To learn more about Association rules, bylaws and policies regarding genetic conditions and factors in the Breeders Reference Guide, click here.


If any further questions arise, call the Association at 816-383-5100. The staff is happy to help and guide you through the registration process.

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