Honor the Legacy of Treasured Cows by Participating in an Angus Foundation Fundraiser


April 9, 2013




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Honor the Legacy of Treasured Cows by Participating in an Angus Foundation Fundraiser

The Treasure Chest project allows breeders to support the Angus Foundation through the donation of cull cow proceeds.


The Angus Foundation provides an opportunity to honor those treasured Angus cows in your herd while simultaneously supporting the future of the Angus breed. The Treasure Chest project is a fundraising project that allows the legacy of treasured cows to live on through other Angus youth, education and research projects. Angus breeders can participate in the Treasure Chest project by donating the auction proceeds of a cull cow or cull cows to the Angus Foundation.


When Cory Poser of Denton, Mont., attended the 2011 Beef Leaders Institute, an adult education program for American Angus Association® members that is financially supported by the Angus Foundation, he learned more than information about various sectors of the beef industry. He learned how to give back to the Angus Foundation through Treasure Chest.


“It’s such an easy thing to do,” Poser says. “You don’t have to sit down and write a check. It’s not something that is put on the back burner. If you have to take your cattle to town, you just tell them (livestock market), ‘This cow goes to the Angus Foundation.’”


With the Treasure Chest project, an ordinary trip to the auction market becomes an opportunity for the breed.


“Selling Angus cows at the end of their productive life, or earlier for whatever reason, often times is a bittersweet experience for us as cattle producers,” says Milford Jenkins, Angus Foundation president. “We hate to see them go, yet their positive influence in moving our herds and the Angus breed forward can be further increased from the sense of satisfaction and reward breeders can receive from donating the cow’s salvage value proceeds to the Angus Foundation.”


Donors participating in Treasure Chest can choose to direct funds to youth, education or research, or make unrestricted contributions. Poser wanted his cull cow proceeds to go back to education to benefit other producers.


“I assumed that the Foundation was all for young kids,” Poser says. “I didn’t realize that not only were they educating them, they were educating ranchers who are out doing their jobs and trying to make a living at it. I recommend the BLI trip to anyone. It was the best experience I’ve had in the Angus business.”


Glen Swanson and his wife, Judy, of Durant, Iowa, have also donated cull cow proceeds through the Treasure Chest project. Swanson says the process of donating the cull cow proceeds was very simple. He told the staff at the sale barn to make the check payable to the Angus Foundation and to send it directly to the Angus Foundation’s office.


“The money was taken out right from the start, and I didn’t miss it,” Swanson says.


Donors can make checks payable to the Angus Foundation, or instruct their local sale barns to directly contribute proceeds to the Angus Foundation. Donations may be mailed to the Angus Foundation at 3201 Frederick Ave., Saint Joseph, MO 64506.


Contact Jenkins at 816-383-5100 or for further information.


Cached - SimilarThe Angus Foundation was established in 1980 as a not-for-profit 501(c)(3) organization to support Angus education, youth and research. To learn more about the Angus Foundation and the programs it supports, log on to or call 816-383-5100.



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