Birth weight/Weaning weight/Yearling weight/Maternal Milk. Growth traits were evaluated together in a multi-trait model. As it is recommended for the evaluation of maternally influenced traits, a direct genetic effect, a maternal genetic effect and a maternal permanent environmental effect were fitted for birth and weaning weights. Postweaning gain was not considered to be maternally influenced and, therefore, the direct genetic effect was the only random effect fitted. Yearling weight EPDs were calculated from the EPDs for weaning weight direct and postweaning gain. The evaluation includes individual weights on embryo transfer calves out of registered Angus recipient females, provided any other NCE requirements for edited data are met.

Yearling Height and Scrotal Evaluations. Yearling height and scrotal circumference traits are analyzed separately using a multi-trait animal model in the genetic evaluation. Both the height and scrotal evaluations include genetically correlated measures for yearling weight and any available genomic results. Yearling height EPDs are reported in inches and are reported on bulls and heifers at or near a year of age. Scrotal circumference EPDs, generated from scrotal data collected on yearling Angus bulls, are presented in centimeters.

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