The data contained in the Angus Sire Evaluation Report was compiled from AHIR records submitted by Angus breeders. Every effort has been made to accurately present the information herein; however, THE AMERICAN ANGUS ASSOCIATION MAKES NO REPRESENTATION OR WARRANTY WITH RESPECT TO THE ACCURACY OF THE DATA OR THE FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE. The American Angus Association assumes no responsibility for the use or interpretation of information on the animals included in this program.

The expected progeny differences (EPD) and Dollar values ($Values) presented in this report have meaning only when compared to the EPDs and $Values of other animals in the database. The EPDs and $Values should not be considered or represented to have independent value apart from such comparisons. Thus, the $Values should not be considered or represented to be a prediction of the actual value of the animal or its progeny in the marketplace. The EPDs and $Values are prediction estimates only and should not be considered or represented to be a guarantee of progeny performance. A variety of factors will impact actual progeny performance, including the dam and environmental factors. The EPDs and $Values are sensitive to the accuracy of the data provided by the members, and the $Values are further dependent upon the assumptions for industry-relevant components used in the calculation of the $Values.
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