Herd City:   Denver, CO US
Sale Date:   01/11/2024
Auctioneer:   Dave Mullins
Sale Mgr:   Matt Macfarlane Marketing
Angus Media Rep:   Will Harsh
Lots Gross Average
1 Yrlg.Bulls $70,000.00 $70,000.00
1 Total Registered Bulls $70,000.00 $70,000.00
22 Total Registered Females $336,750.00 $15,306.00
51 Embryos (no.) $54,850.00 $1,075.00
10 Flush $139,000.00 $13,900.00
13 Pregnancies $126,500.00 $9,730.00
59 Reported Sale Total $727,100.00 $12,323.00

Top Bull
Lot  Fund the Future Sadler Defender 3035 2/3 $70,000.00
Buyer:   Carpenter Cattle Enterprises - Decatur, TX
Sire Name:  Blair's External Law
Seller:  Sadler Ranches Perkins OK
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Top Open Heifer
Lot  30 Conley Georgina 3724 1/2 $40,000.00
Buyer:   Linz Heritage Angus - Byars, OK
Sire Name:  Sitz Resilient 10208
Seller:  Conley Cattle Co Sulphur OK
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Lot  40 Circle L Molly 238L $20,000.00
Buyer:   Jason Kraft - Fort Collins, CO
Sire Name:  Williams Hollywood 700-380
Seller:  Circle L Angus Dillon MT
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Top Bred Heifer
Lot  6 $68,000.00
Buyer:   Elwood Ranches - Montague, CA
Seller:  Tehama Angus Ranch Gerber CA
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Lot  9/Pick $19,000.00
Buyer:   Doug Betts - Neola, UT
Seller:  TD Angus North Platte NE
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Lot  46 TMB WSF Erica 2203 $12,500.00
Buyer:   Josh King - Cornersville, TN
Sire Name:  Stevenson Turning Point
Seller:  Wooden Shoe Farms Blackfoot ID
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Top Bred Cow
Lot  1/Pick $45,000.00
Buyer:   Belle Point Ranch - Lavaca, AR
Seller:  TWG Ranch Mount Carroll IL
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Lot  5 B&B Blkbd Progress 1032 1/2 $16,000.00
Buyer:   Lawson Family Farm - Ewing, VA
Sire Name:  S A V Territory 7225
Seller:  Koupals B&B Angus Dante SD
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Top Flush
Lot  3 $30,000.00
Buyer:   DC Cattle - Winchester, KY
Sammy Ayres - Winchester, KY
Seller:  Montana Ranch & Thiel Ranch (Isabel, SD) Bigfork MT
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Lot  2/Pick $27,000.00
Buyer:   Sadler Ranches - Perkins, OK
Seller:  Stellpflug Cattle Co Guernsey WY
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Lot  18 $19,000.00
Buyer:   Linz Heritage Angus - Byars, OK
Seller:  Glenmary Farms Rapidan VA
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Lot  8/Pick $15,000.00
Buyer:   Steve Miller - Maryville, MO
Seller:  Hoover Angus Ellston IA
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Lot  12 $14,000.00
Buyer:   Justin Rhoades - Cambria, CA
Seller:  Betts Angus Neola UT
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Top Pregnancy
Lot  11 $20,000.00
Buyer:   Seldom Rest Farms - Niles, MI
Seller:  Spruce Mtn Angus Larkspur CO
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Lot  4 $19,000.00
Buyer:   Curt Herman - Hoyt, KS
Seller:  Byrd Cattle Co Red Bluff CA
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Lot  10 $15,000.00
Buyer:   Loose Arrow Ranch - Weston, CO
Seller:  Spruce Mtn Angus Larkspur CO
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Lot  20 $12,000.00
Buyer:   Alex Hart - Frederick, SD
Seller:  Sankey Angus Economy IN
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Comments: A special thank you to Sadler Ranches for donating an impressive bull to the Angus Foundation and Carpenter Cattle Enterprises for purchasing Sadler Defender 3035. TOTAL SALE GROSS: $727,100
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