Advisor of the Year Recipients

In 1980 the idea of recognizing the tremendous contributions of junior Angus association advisors was conceived, and during the National Junior Angus Show of the following year, the Advisor of the Year Award was introduced.

Although there are many advisors who are deserving of recognition, the purpose of this annual award is to highlight the work of one outstanding advisor and extend a special token of appreciation to that person or couple.

Any junior Angus association may nominate an advisor for the award by sending a letter of nomination (which briefly describes the contributions of the nominee, and photographs of the nominee) to the Events and Education Department of the American Angus Association. The letter should include 1) an introduction, 2) a description of the nominee's involvement in various levels of Angus activities, 3) a description of the nominee's involvement in civic, church, and other activities, and 4) brief closing comments.

Nominations for the Advisor of the Year are accepted through March 1 of each year.

1981 Bob Herriott IL
1982 Paul & Vicki St. Blanc LA
1983 Mida Peterson WV
1984 Evelyn Edmunds SC
1985 J.V. & Helen Heyser TX
1986 Gordon & Norma Conner KY
1987 Gerald Crossland AR
1988 Dan & Karen Coonrad NW Region
1989 Jerry & Kay Williams TX
1990 Ted & Windy Bartee SC
1991 Stan & Barbara Shaw WI
1992 Dave & Sue McGiveron WI
1993 Melvin & Donna Porter GA
1994 Glen & Pat Grote TX
1995 Tom Nichols IA
1996 Charles "Bud" and Pam Smith KY
1997 Pete & Barb Sweeney MI
1998 Don & Pam Snepp IN
1999 William & Lucille Leatherman NC
2000 Mike & Kerri Gleason TX
2001 Jane & Teddy Morelock AR
2002 Connie Robbins and Cary Childs MS
2003 Frank & Julie Feeser MD
2004 Carla Vaught AR
2005 John & Pam Patterson MT
2006 Doug & Glenda Schroeder IA
2007 Anne Lampe KS
2008 Michelle Rieff AR
2009 Mike & Barbara Ettredge TX
2010 Carolyn Gazda GA
2011 Rachel Frost IL
2012 Eddie & Patti Hymel LA
2013 Tom & Merridee Wells TX
2014 Kevin and Keri Retallick WI
2015 Sherry Adcock IL
2016 Sarah McCall VA
2017 Chris & Dixie McCormick IA
2018 Aaron and Sue Schafer IL
2019 Jamie King Wheeler OH
2020 Nelson Hager KS
2021 Cathy Rohrbaugh PA
2022 Paula Boyd KY
2023 Becky Henderson WI
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