The National Junior Angus Association Board of Directors offers leadership development beyond the boundaries of local or state groups. Six new directors are elected to the twelve-member board each year at the annual meeting held in conjunction with the National Junior Angus Show. During their two-year terms they develop and carry out programs and events to serve junior members and the Angus breed across the nation. The NJAA Board also makes recommendations for new programs and ideas to the Board of Directors of the American Angus Association, helps to develop leadership potential of the junior members, and promotes the Angus breed. The first NJAA Board of Directors was elected in Wichita, Kansas at the 1980 National Junior Angus Show.

Jack Dameron


Jack Dameron, from the state of Illinois is a fourth-generation Angus breeder. He is the son of Jeff and Jennifer Dameron. Growing up showing and raising Angus cattle, Jack has always had a passion for the breed along with being involved in the Illinois Junior and National Junior Angus Association. Currently, he is a student at the University of Illinois where he is pursuing a undergraduate in Animal Science with a concentration in pre-medical. Jack plans on having a career in the medical field while still being actively involved in his family crop and cattle business.

Lauren Gilbert

Vice Chairman

Lauren Gilbert lives on her family’s Angus cattle operation in the Ozarks of southwest Missouri. She is the daughter of Josh and LeAnna Gilbert. Lauren and her brother, Paden, are first-generation Angus breeders and have been active within the Missouri Junior Angus Association and NJAA. Lauren hopes to get to know members and encourage them to take on opportunities the NJAA provides. Lauren is currently a senior at the University of Missouri where she is studying Agricultural Communications and Leadership. After graduation, she plans to return to the family business, Gilbert Industries where they specialize in stainless steel tank fabrication.

Avery Mather


Born and raised in State Center, Iowa, Avery is the daughter of Joe and Allison Mather. She comes from generations of Angus breeders and continues to exhibit and produce Angus cattle alongside her siblings, Carson and Keegan. Currently, Avery is studying Agricultural Business at Iowa State University. After graduation, she intends to stay within the agriculture industry, working with producers and the next generation of agriculture enthusiasts. When she is not studying or working on the farm, Avery also enjoys traveling. As a member of the NJAB, she hopes to impact juniors and support their ideas and goals.

Colter Pohlman

Foundation Director

Colter Pohlman, from the Lone Star State of Texas, is the son of Scott and Moriah Pohlman. He is a fourth-generation Angus breeder who grew up showing and raising Angus cattle with his family. He has been a member of the National Junior Angus Association since 2009 and has been actively involved in the Texas Junior Angus Association since 2013. Colter is attending Texas Tech University where he is a sophomore dual majoring in Agricultural & Applied Economics and Business Administration. He plans to pursue a career in the finance sector, likely as a personal financial advisor, as well as continue to grow his Angus herd.

Lani LeBeouf

Events Director

From the bayou state of Louisiana, Lani LeBeouf is a Louisiana raised, first-generation angus breeder and the daughter of Kurt and Angie LeBeouf. LeBeouf has been a part of both the NJAA and LJAA since 2011. She is currently a midwife student and hopes to assist in the beauty of bringing life into this world. After certification, LeBeouf plans to continue her practice by working in a birth center alongside other midwives! A goal of hers while being on the board of directors is to be the role model that people aren’t afraid to come talk to. She hopes to leave a lasting impact on the juniors.

Jonwyn Ayres


Jonwyn Ayres hails from way out west in the state of Oregon. A third generation Angus producer; she understands the importance of the next generation of Angus breeders being equipped for their futures. Currently, Jonwyn is attending Black Hawk College in Illinois while being on their livestock judging team. She is working toward an undergraduate in Agriculture Economics, with the intent to go to Law School. She plans to raise Angus cattle with her family while specializing in water, and environmental law. Her passion lies in advocating for cattle’s positive effect on the climate and answering consumer questions. She challenges everyone to be a voice for agriculture and its youth, because if we don’t speak up, someone else will!

Suter Clark


Suter Clark born and raised in the commonwealth of Virginia. He is the son of Gretchen and Timothy Clark, and brother of J. Gordon Clark who served as the 2023 Vice Chairman of the National Junior Angus Board. Suter has been involved in the National Junior Angus Association and the Virginia Junior Angus Association since 2014. He is perusing a degree in animal science with a minor in construction management at Oklahoma State University and plans to graduate in the spring of 2026. After college Suter would love to return home and help his family with their show cattle operation as well as the family business.

Kyli Kraft


From the Mile High state of Colorado, Kyli Kraft, daughter of Jason and Cheri Kraft, is a 5th generation Colorado commercial cattle woman. She was blessed to have had the opportunity to grow up on a diversified farming and cattle operation where she gained experience in the cow/calf, backgrounder and finishing phase of the cattle business. Her family also sells beef locally as well as owns a feedyard risk management and consulting business. After joining the NJAA and CJAA in 2017 she was instantly hooked on becoming more involved in the Business Breed. As a Junior majoring in Agribusiness at West Texas A&M University in Canyon, TX., her passion is to see the beef industry continue to thrive for generations to come by helping farmers and ranchers make smart financial decisions.

Alli Perry


Coming from the Music City state of Tennessee is Alli Perry, daughter of Jonathan and Jackie Perry. Alli’s involvement with Angus cattle sparked her interest in the NJAA. Alli has been involved in the National Junior Angus Association and Tennessee Junior Angus Association since 2014. She is a Sophomore at Oklahoma State University where she is pursuing a degree in Animal Science. She plans to further her degree in Animal Genetics. With a goal to continue the constant progression of the cattle industry, she hopes to one day work as an embryologist while continuing to stay involved with the Angus breed.

Sawyer Styles

South Dakota

Sawyer Styles, coming to us from the Rushmore state of South Dakota, is the daughter of Chris and Erica Styles. Growing up as a fourth generation Angus breeder alongside her sister Madison Styles, she has been involved in the South Dakota Junior Angus Association as well as the National Junior Angus Association since she was 8 years old. Sawyer is currently studying Animal Science with an Industry Relations Specialization at South Dakota State University. She is also pursuing minors in Agriculture Business and Agribusiness Marketing. After college, Sawyer plans to pursue her Angus passion working on her family farm and ranch.

Mary Wood

North Carolina

Mary Wood, from the Tarheel state of North Carolina, is the daughter of Jeff and DeEtta Wood. She is a sixth-generation Angus breeder who grew up raising and showing Angus cattle with her family. Mary has always had a passion for the Angus breed. She has been active in both the North Carolina Junior Angus Association and the NJAA. Mary is currently a junior at Oklahoma State University where she is studying Agricultural Communications and Leadership. After graduation, she intends to build a career advocating for the agriculture industry through publications and media. Mary also plans to continue to give back to the Angus breed following her junior career. As a member of the NJAB she plans to encourage junior members to take advantage of the opportunity the NJAA provides.

NJAA Advisors

Jaclyn Boester
American Angus Association Staff
Executive Director of the Angus Foundation

Shally Rogen
American Angus Auxiliary
South Dakota

Mark Ahearn
American Angus Association Board of Directors

American Angus Association Events & Junior Activities Department

Caitlyn Brandt
Director of Events & Junior Activities

Madeline Bauer
Senior Events Coordinator

Phillicia Howard
Events and Junior Activities Administrative Assistant

Jordyn Shockley
Events Coordinator

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