Angus Clip Art

This collection of Angus drawings was created by renowned Angus artist Frank C. Murphy. Please use this artwork to develop promotional items for your Angus farm or ranch or for educational or breed promotion purposes. If you have questions regarding copyright or appropriate use, please contact Public Relations.

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Bull - Angus bull head that looks to the right.
Bull - A profile of an Angus bull that is facing left.
Calf - A profile of a bull calf.
Calf - A calf laying in grass.
Calf - A calf standing in the grass.
Calves - Four Angus calves standing together.
Calves - Two steers face out with a fence behind them.
Calves at Bunk - A feed bunk line with steers eating.
Cow and Calf - A mother cow is licking her calf.
Cow and Calf - A pair is grazing with the mother looking over her calf.
Cow and Calf - A cow-calf pair with a smaller calf.
Cow and Calf - A cow-calf pair profile.
Cow and Calf - A cow-calf pair grazing.
Cow Heads - Four Angus female heads, looking both left and right.
Cow Right Face - A profile of a cow that is facing right.
Feedlot - Two steers in the foreground with feed mill in the background.
Feedlot - Several steers are in the feedlot.
Heifers - 2 heifers standing side profile.
Heifers - 2 heifers head shot.
Heifers - 4 heifers standing at fence.

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