The Junior Activities Department of the American Angus Association was started in 1956. Its purpose then was to encourage young people to become involved with Angus steer and heifer projects and to help them do a better job with their projects. Today that purpose has been expanded to include more projects and programs that help juniors develop their skills and character.

There are nearly 6,000 active junior members from all parts of the United States and Canada. Throughout the country there are many state, regional, and local junior Angus associations who are actively involved in the NJAA. These groups, with the assistance of the American Angus Association, meet regularly, sponsor shows and field days, and take an active part in the Angus business and promotion of the breed.

History of Junior Activities Department

Join the NJAA

Each year more junior members join the American Angus Association than any other cattle organization. They are our strong foundation for expansion and improvement for the Angus breed in the future.

NJAA Code of Conduct

The NJAA Code of Conduct is a set of guidelines for junior members that defines the expectations for junior actions and specifies consequences that could be enforced if the code is violated. Each NJAA member, along with a parental guardian(s), will need to read, sign and submit the NJAA Code of Conduct prior to participation in the individual’s first NJAA-sponsored show or conference of the year.

NJAA By-Laws

By-Laws in which the National Junior Angus Association abide by.

State/Regional Associations

Junior Angus Associations are organized across the United States for junior Angus members to get involved in their area. Select your home state to find an organized junior Angus association near you.

NJAA Educational Literature

Visit the Angus Education Center to review information about programs and resources offered by the National Junior Angus Association and American Angus Association.


Frequently Asked Questions about the National Junior Angus Association.

Ambassador Program

The National Junior Angus Association (NJAA) is fortunate to involve hundreds of outstanding youth leaders in the Angus industry. In 2012, the NJAA selected its first-ever Angus Ambassador. This individual is tasked with representing the organization at cattle events and meetings throughout the United States and Canada. The Angus Ambassador is sponsored by the Angus Foundation.

Green Coats Coast to Coast

This program is created to allow NJAA Board members to help create and build stronger State Angus Associations. See flyer for more details.

NJAA Recordbook

This recordbook is designed to help you compile records of your Angus activities in one handy, easy-to-use format. It will provide a place for recording information needed when applying for the National Junior Recognition Program's Bronze, Silver and Gold Awards, and the American Angus Auxiliary, Angus Foundation and CAB/NJAA scholarships, etc. In addition there is space for personal observation and notes.

Summer Internships

The NJAA offers a summer internship to a college sophomore, junior or senior to assist with the planning and execution of junior Angus shows and leadership events. The deadline for application is February 1.


The NJAA’s newsletter “Directions” is released every Spring and Fall. The newsletter is produced by the NJAA Board of Directors, and sent to all junior members.

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The National Junior Angus Association Board of Directors offers leadership development beyond the boundaries of local or state groups. During their two-year terms they develop and carry out programs and events to serve junior members and the Angus breed across the nation. The first NJAA Board of Directors was elected in Wichita, Kansas at the 1980 National Junior Angus Show.


Feel free to stop by, if you're in the area, give us a call or send us an email. We would love to hear from you.

Junior Board Candidates

To become a candidate for the junior board, junior members must be elected by their state association. Once elected, a state advisor must submit their name in writing (via email, fax, or mail) to the Events and Education Director. The application packet will then be sent to the junior board candidate.

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