STAR Conference

The State Training and Angus Retreat (STAR) Conference will focus on building stronger leadership skills, creating networking opportunities, and strengthening communications between the state and national associations. The 3-day schedule will be packed with activities, workshops, and presentations that will promote state junior officer and advisor growth. Only state officers in the following positions may attend: President, Vice President, Secretary or Treasurer. All state advisors are welcome to register.
Saint Joseph, MO
Hotel Location: Saint Joseph, MO
February 28-March 3, 2019
Registration Deadline: February 1
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Raising the Bar

3 day conferences that build stronger leaders within state associations, create regional relationships, while preparing juniors for the future. Materials covered in Raising the Bar targets high school age students and older. A tentative schedule for the conference is Friday - extensive campus tour; Saturday – workshops, ranch tours, and farm tours; Sunday – workshops and travel home. Social activities, games, and ice breakers will also be provided to rekindle old and create new friendships.
** Transportation is provided during the conference. Airport Shuttle is available for transportation to the hotel.

Angus in the Little Apple

Manhattan, KS
Hotel Location: Manhattan, KS
March 21-24, 2019
Registration Deadline: March 1
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LEAD Conference

Each year a national junior leadership conference, called LEAD (Leaders Engaged in Angus Development) is held. This conference moves around the country to give more juniors the opportunity to participate. The programs are designed and carried out by the Junior Activities Department and NJAA Board of Directors in cooperation with the hosting state. This conference serves several purposes, which include guiding junior who will in turn take part in guiding their respective associations; providing an open line of communication for members of different associations to share ideas, plans, goals, etc.; and giving each individual an opportunity to take an active part, and in face, encouraging participation by everyone present. Juniors learn about setting goals for themselves and their association, and methods of accomplishing those goals. Not only is the responsibility and success of the association stressed, but also the responsibility, success and character of its individual members.

2019 LEAD

Angus: Live from Nashville
Nashville, TN
Hotel Location: Nashville, TN
August 1-4, 2019
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