BEEF Academy platform launches for junior members

By Sarah Kocher | American Angus Association

BEEF Academy is a new, go-to resource for beef industry information, tailored to NJAA members' needs. This one-of-a-kind, online learning platform houses content designed by industry experts to help young people get smarter about the beef industry – 10 minutes at a time.

In the first module, learners study about different segments of the beef industry and explore career options. More modules will be released in the coming months, including beef breeds and genetics and beef science. 

Learning modules have different levels for different age groups so every member can maximize its value, no matter where they are on their NJAA journey.

Get started

Ready to get smarter about the beef industry? NJAA members, access BEEF Academy with your AAA Login credentials at

Our partners

BEEF Academy is also backed by the Angus family. We recognize key partners in BEEF Academy’s development and launch: the Angus Foundation, Ingram Angus and the American Angus Association. This new learning platform would not be possible without their generous support.

The Angus Foundation is a not-for-profit organization and affiliate of the American Angus Association®. It supports programs involving education, youth and research in the Angus breed and the agriculture industry. A key funding focus of the Foundation is to provide Angus youth opportunities to become strong leaders for the breed's future. 

Ingram Angus may be new to the Angus breed, but since establishing in 2016, they’ve jumped in headfirst to giving back and creating new opportunities. Orrin Ingram, along with managing partners, Jason Upchurch and David Cagle, believes in the next generation of youth. The Ingrams' list of support for the Angus Foundation is long, including recently hosting the 2019 Leaders Engaged in Angus Development (LEAD) Conference, purchasing the 2023 Angus Foundation Heifer Package and their generous commitment to BEEF Academy. Their financial support of BEEF Academy champions industry education and development, better equipping youth to lead the industry into the future. 

The mission of the American Angus Association® is to provide programs, resources and leadership that improve and promote the Angus breed, enhance the livelihoods of family farmers and ranchers, and exceed consumers’ expectations.

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