AIMS Reports
AIMS comes with many reports built-in. If you also purchased Crystal Reports, you can modify any of these existing standard reports OR create your own custom reports. Through the use of Adobe Acrobat we have posted samples of many of the key reports for you to look at. Contact AIMS Customer Service by Email or call 816-383-5100 for more information.

3 Generation - The three-generation report is a comprehensive report for an individual animal. The entire printed page represents one animal including performance data, EPDs and of course, the three-generation pedigree.
5 Generation - The five-generation report is also a comprehensive report for an individual animal. This entire page represents the performance data, EPDs, and the selected animals five-generation pedigree.
AAA Calving and Weaning Report - This report is a replica of the form used by the Angus Herd Improvement Records Department (AHIR) to report calving and weaning data. In AIMS we use this report as a way to double check work entered before reporting the data to the Association.
AAA Yearling Report - This report is also replica of the form used by the Angus Herd Improvement Records Department (AHIR) to report yearling data. In AIMS we use this report as a way to double check work entered before reporting the data to the Association.
Animal Inventory - The animal inventory report displays the animals general information which includes tattoo, tag, sex, registration number, and the dam and sire tattoo. It displays the weights, ratios, and EPDs for birth, weaning, yearling along with the Maternal EPD.
Breeding Worksheet (New Season) - This report is used to take to the field so you can fill in the Sire's information along with Pregnancy Check date information.
Breeding Worksheet (Proof) - The breeding proof worksheet is a way for you to verify information that you have entered into AIMS for the current breeding season. It also displays the Most Likely Sire and Calving Range for each cow in the group.
Breeding History - The breeding history report displays past breeding activity along with Most Likely ranges and sires for each breeding season.
Calving Sheet (Abbreviated) - This report shows the basic information of the selected group of cows and their calves. It lists the cow's tattoo, tag, date of birth and the most likely information. If the cow has calved then it will display the basic information of her calf.
Calving Sheet (Complete) - This is a much more enhanced version of the Calving Sheet Abbreviated. It lists the breeding details such as Sire Type, Pasture or AI Date etc. It also displays more detailed information of the calf born.
Cow Production Record - This is a very detailed report showing the cows production for her calves. It displays not only the Cows EPDs but also her Dam and Sires EPDs as well. It lists all her calves and gives you the average weights and ratios on these calves (if the calves are in your database), along with the calving interval and calf crop percentage. This is a replica of the report you can have the Angus Herd Improvement Records Department (AHIR) print off for you.
Lifetime Production of Dams - The lifetime report shows the calves with their calving, weaning and yearling information and with the number of progeny and averages for the dam.
Sire Summary - This report shows all calves (in your database) listed under the sire with all birth, weaning, yearling and maternal data listed. It gives you the averages on all data for each sire grouped by sire.
Weaning Worksheet (blank) - This is a great report to take to the field with you to enter the weigh date and weight of your calves. The report prints out just the basic information and the rest remains blank for you to hand-write in. You can then enter the data into your computer directly from this report. Once the data is in the computer you can pull up the report and it will fill in the blanks so you can double check your work. Here is what the report will look like after keying in the data. Weaning Worksheet ( with info).  The yearling worksheet works the same way as the weaning, here is a sample of that report. Yearling Worksheet
Registration Application - The registration application report is a way of double checking your work before exporting the actual file to us. It prints all the needed information to register your animals with the Association.
Income - Expense - This gives your the general information of each animal in a group (pen) with all income or expense entries recorded for that animal.
Sales - The sales report list the animals in a group (pen) showing the purchased or asking prices, dates of transaction, gain or loss, and buyer or sellers name.
Medical History - The medical history report is just that, a history of all procedures entered in for the animals and when the "next date due" is for that animal (if entered).
Customer Contact - The Customer Contact report will give you a list of all customers in a group with their name, address, phone numbers, e-mail address, notes and last contacted. We also have another report called Customers which gives you more data on the customers such as City, State, web site, Herd Size etc... Take a look - Customers .