AIMS Patch Information
If you have not updated to AIMS 2.5 already THIS PATCH WILL NOT WORK. You MUST use your AAA Login account, then go to the Interactive Tools tab and use the Download AIMS 2.5 link at the bottom.

Use the notes below to learn what has been added or fixed. Once you have downloaded the patch listed at the bottom of this page. Be sure to note the specific version and build you should expect when using Help, About in the AIMS program.
Read here for information on various updated Help files.
Version &
Date What was fixed or added...
08/04/2016 -- Update to address miscellaneous issues with association code on exports.
04/11/2016 -- Added DMI EPD.
-- Added OH genetic condition.
-- Fixed issue importing non registered animals with no pedigree information on file at the Association.
-- Fixed Sire info popup window on Simulated Breeding when using NSE database.
-- Updated text on Simulated Breeding buttons to make it more apparent what features will do.
-- Added Ultrasond Ratio to Aims Import file for Ultrasound Update.
-- Fixed HP range value on NSE window to retain the range value.
-- Updated reports to include DMI and OH fields.
06/30/2015 -- Updates to address miscellaneous issues with larger data sets.
06/30/2015 -- Added option to create a pen of dams and/or sires from a pen of calves
-- Fixed Customer Manager Groups to retain selection steps when reselecting the group
-- Fixed the Message Box on the Customer Group if you are not able to reselect to read Group and not Pen
-- Fixed preview file error not loading up in preview mode the first time clicked
-- Fixed the Import process asking user to try clicking import a 2nd time because the file was not extracted
-- Fixed registration validation and exporting that if they have cow data entered and no recip tattoo listed it will not export
-- Fixed weaning tab at the bottom if animal is an et it will automatically flip cow data to the recip
-- Fixed title bar on Create Pen of Progeny to match the menu option
-- Added 2 new features on create a pen of progeny; can create a pen of only dams from the animals in the pen or can also create a pen of the sires of the animals in the pen
-- Fixed registration export that if user has a blank in that field it will go ahead and allow the animal to export
-- Fixed the issue while making a new pen and using the medical tab the procedure list would not generate when clicking on insert values
-- Fixed shortcut option Alt-S being used twice on the Add Remove animals pen screen
-- Corrected title bar for the popup window Buyer Number Update
-- Fixed weaning export that if birth code entered and a wean weigh date or weight entered the animal will not export and added validation code reasons
-- Fixed yearling test weight field that if test weight entered then deleted it will not put all 0’s in the all view and fixed validation error caused by this
-- Added a feature of updating Season Year and Code for Pen of animals without having to update season, main use of this will be used for animals on their 1st breeding season
-- Pen \ Pen Operations \ Breeding \ New Season for Pen; fixed the new season for all in pen button so when you press enter it will activate that button instead of just having to click on it
-- Fixed the weights export that if user has entered NONE as an Association Code it will null it out of the file
-- Added HP to the 50K on the General tab
-- Fixed Doc Acc on the EPD window in the correct decimal format and to save the data when manually entered
-- Added a new feature in customer manager where if on a selected customer and click on View Animals you will now get a popup report view window that shows on screen and that you can also print with customer info; also added the registration number field to these two windows
12/05/2014 -- additional fix to bir registration export
12/02/2014 -- fixed build name feature on add calf window
-- weight calculation for contemporary group resolved
-- registration export now allows code set to BIR with no number to export, changed to AAA within export
-- carcass data validations set to match AAA
-- semen inventory; added better error message if user tries to remove a record that doesn't exist
-- new export option for Animal Set to use on
-- add animal window; search by registration number corrected message box error message for Dam if user selects a bull instead of a cow
-- fixed yearling export to null out disposal code from export file
-- fixed weaning and yearling exports to include Recipient Association code, birth date and tag
8/13/2014 -- export transfer file not counting correctly
-- insert for new epd not saving (using webservice)
-- add Sold as Open to the apply to all window for registry transfer
-- set focus on the season name when using the Select button on add breeding window
-- remove tab stops for grey columns on Birth information window (sire and dam info)
-- age of dam calculations - match the calculations done at AAA
-- fixed defect string to update on importing Herd Records and Additional Animals so you do not
-- need to run Maintenance Feature (File -> Maintenance -> Update Defect Status).
-- corrected Weaning All View of Pen so the Lot Date is read only.
-- redesigned Sire Summary Window to make it easier to read, added fields that were not there and fixed fields that were pulling wrong info.
4/11/2014 -- builds 505d and 505e were not released here but are incorporated in this update
-- added vertical scroll bar to Plant field on carcass window
-- disabled X (Close) button on Bull Permit window to properly handle check-mark
-- many improvements to Semen Inventory
-- fixed Defect window so "Defect Free" could properly be nulled out with right-click
-- added ability to change the Phone number field labels by same method as user fields (double click the label)
-- fixed Bidder ID to be able to sort
-- added Save As feature for customer Group names
-- changed Herd Size field (Customer Manager) to allow null value
-- fixed issue of zeroing out a group when returning from a Canceled group creation process.
3/20/2014 -- fixed ability to sort on Carc Wt on EPD all view
-- added items to Pen Operations for Registry tab
-- added a button on Yearling 1 tab to copy in weaning date/weight into on-test fields
-- fixed Tattoo Search box to not lose focus under pen selection when General tab is in All view
-- changed Customer screen to draw box around entire row in All view
-- implemented the ability to save column arrangement and size in Customer All view
-- fixed Sales window so that it asks which buyer you want to move to transfer screen; which allows transferring to multiple buyers
-- added a Customer menu item to blank out all bidder IDs
-- added Open field to transfer export
-- added validation to catch RegPlan field that is null
-- updated various fields on the Simulated Breeding screens
-- updated NSE fields to handle HP
10/4/2013 -- increased display size of "Straw" field on ET screen
-- changed "Pfizer Rank" to "HD Rank"
-- fixed update feature of duplicate viewer
-- added Wagyu association
-- removed "Close" button from Reg/Transfer screen so that Validate function will automatically run
-- fixed issues related to Birth Code during additional animal import -- changed "Rolodex" (above tab area) to only use General Information and User Fields (EPDs don't fit anymore)
-- added code to handle DD and M1 designation
-- fixed code to properly handle Permanent Mark Method when importing additional animals
-- corrected Preg Check Date field from carrying over previous dates into new season
4/10/2013 -- Add validation step to be sure Pasture Out Date is after the In Date
-- Added code to tie disposal code of dam on calf's Weaning record to dam's disposal on her General tab
-- Cosmetic changes to Pen Maintenance and Basic Info windows and menu items
3/18/2013 -- Fixed Transfer validation to only look at Open service field for cows.
3/14/2013 -- Tweaked the M file import to preserve sire/dam tattoos on BIR-numbered animals.

-- Miscellaneous fixes.
11/6/2012 -- Mainly related to how import/exports are handled.
10/6/2011 -- Fixed problem with adding a new pen from the Calving screen.
-- Added a Maintenance item to remove spaces from registration numbers.
-- Added Animal Popup feature to Donor column on Breeding tab.
-- Fixed RADG display on Projected EPD (Breeding tab)
-- Added Docility and HP to projected EPDs
-- Added QT, YG, RADG, Doc and HP to ultrasound import
-- Added Pfizer and Igenity fields to EPD import process
8/31/2011 Original release of version 2.5 - Link added to Member Login page of AIMS users.
Before installing the Aims patch file make sure you have a current backup of your Aims Data. In Aims go to File \ Backup to complete this step.
Patch Download Information. Be sure that AIMS is NOT running on your computer before starting this process. Clicking on the following link should open a new window on your computer that will usually ask if you wish to "Run this file from its current location" or "Save this program to disk". Either option will work as long as at some point you do run the file.
When you are done running the file(s), you can check to be sure AIMS has been updated by checking the specific version. This can only be found under the Help, About screen (the startup "splash" screen only indicates 2.5). The version should state "Version 2.5" and then a second line with the "Build".