Examples and Downloadable Custom Reports

Custom Reports

Many of our users find they would like to enhance the standard reports that come with AIMS or just completely design something new. For those users that are unsure of Crystal Report Writer we have designed or enhanced several reports for use with the AIMS Software. We have now added them to this site so you can view some of what are available and even download any that might look beneficial for you. Using Adobe Acrobat we have posted samples of many of the custom reports for you to look at. If you have any question you can contact the AIMS Customer Service by Email or call 816-383-5100 for more information.

Download Instructions

The procedure for downloading reports is a very simple process.
  1. Click on the download at the end of the report description
  2. A "File Download" window will may appear and ask you where you want to download the file (always make sure to click on "Save to Disk."). Most browsers will save files into the Downloads folder by default.
  3. Your next screen will allow you to specify where you want to save the file.
  4. Save the file for your current version of AIMS. If you have upgraded from AIMS 2.5 to AIMS 3.0 you can follow the AIMS 2.5 steps. If you are a new customer starting with AIMS 3.0 use the AIMS 3.0 steps.
    • AIMS 3.0: Double click on the Documents\AIMS folder.
    • AIMS 2.5: Double click on the AIMS20 folder \ then again on the AnimalReports folder \ and then one more time on the Custom folder.
  5. You can then click Save.
  6. After the file is downloaded open AIMS
  7. Open your pen and click on the Reports menu \ choose Custom
  8. Double click on the report name and it should pull it up to the screen.


Cow Production for a Pen - If you've ever wanted to use the Cow Production report on a pen rather than single animal, THIS is the report. Wendy was able to find a way to make it work without locking up the computer. Download Report

List of all customers sorted by ID - Prints a list of all customers in your database. Listed in ID order; landscape layout. (You may need to update state names by going to File, Maintenance, Convert States in order to update states to two letter abbreviation.) Download Report

List of all customers -- in a group -- sorted same as in AIMS - Same as above except for a group of customers and sorted the same as in AIMS. Download Report

Production Measure - This report is a replica of the Production Measure that you would request from the Angus Herd Improvement Records Department (AHIR). This report shows the Animals information along with birth, weaning, maternal and yearling information. Download Report

Cattle Inventory - This is an inventory report that shows the tattoo, sex, DOB and dam tattoo for animals in a pen along with the sire and maternal grandsires name. It shows the birth, weaning, maternal and yearling EPDs along with the breeding information that consists of sire and calving date. The bottom of the report also gives the total number of animals in the pen with the EPD averages for that pen. Download Report

Calving History - The calving history report works on a pen of animals. It was designed to show all the calves that each cow has. Download Report

Registered Cow Inventory - This report is a handy little report that works with the Income-Expense Tab. It lists all the animals in a pen with their basic information along with columns that include the purchase date, purchased from and the purchased amount fields. Download Report

Basic Listing - This is just a very simple report that shows the tattoo, tag, sex, DOB, registration number, dam tattoo, dam's name and sire's name that works for a pen of animals. Download Report

Yearling Summary - The yearling summary report works for a pen of animals and it consists of performance information for birth, weaning and yearling. It also includes the Dam's progeny information such as avg. birth ratio, avg. weaning ratio etc.... Download Report

Performance Pedigree - This report was created to simulate the Performance Pedigree Report you would request from the Angus Herd Improvement Records Dept. Although I was unable to make this identical to what you would received from the Association, I do believe you will find this to be a very useful replica in viewing certain information about animals. I have designed this report to be used in either the All Animals Pen or for a small pen of animals. Give it a look and see if it would be beneficial to you! Download Report

Calf Weight Listing - This is a very basic report that displays the weight dates, weight and adjusted weights for weaning and yearling data for a pen of animals. Hope you find it useful! Download Report

Average EPD Listing on Pen - This is a very simiple report that list EPDs and gives the average EPDs for a pen of animals. Download Report

Weight & EPD Listing in Rank Order - This report lists the wts, adj. wts, ratio, and epds in the order of rank when calculated on the weaning tab. This could be easily change to sort in order of rank from yearling tab as well. Hope you will find it helpful to your collection! Download Report

Weaned Calf Summary with EPD's - This is a custom report designed by one of our users I think you will find useful to your collection. It displays the general data, Calf Performance, Dams Production and Calf EPD's. Download Report

Selection Information - This report was created by a user to help initially select bull calves for gain testing or potential replacement heifers at weaning. He thought some might find it useful for their herd management. Download Report

Calving Abbreviated in MLCD Order - Finally the arrival of, what I think, is the most wanted custom report out there. To have this report print correctly, you may have to first do the following: Pen \ Sort -- Add all; also go to Tools \ Default Options; click on the Breeding\Calving Tab and enter in the Start and Ending dates. Give it a try and see how it does. Download Report

AI Certificate Count - This is a report design to count the number of AI Certificates needed for a sire for Registrations. I hope you find this report helpful in the Registy process. Download Report

Ultrasound Summary - Several people have been requesting a report that shows the ultrasound information so I hope this will be helpful. This report show most of the information found on the Ultrasound Tab along with the Ultrasound EPDs for a pen of animals. Download Report

Dam Progeny Averages - This report has been design to list the Progeny Numbers and Ratio's for a pen of animals. Keep in mind the information pulled on this report is coming from the Progeny Button found on the Pedigree Tab in the AIMS Software. I hope you find this report helpful for evaluating and comparing your Cows. Download Report

Cow Production - I have fixed the alignment of some fields in the standard Cow Production Report found under the Reports menu in AIMS. I have also included the Progeny Information found on the Progeny Button in AIMS, thought this might be helpful as the Cow Production Report is calculated using formulas based off the information in your AIMS Database. Download Report


The ability to create catalogs seem to be a huge hit feature with Crystal Report Writer. In AIMS we created a generic catalog that seems to benefit a lot of users out there but there is always a little something to better it. We have several catalogs that have been tweaked, you might say, with just a couple fields added or removed to basically an entire new layout. View these different catalog samples and see if there are any that would work better for you!

Catalog 1 - This catalog has a cute little clip art placed in the upper left corner of each animal which you could easily change to print your logo, it displays 8 animals per page. It is a very simple catalog that shows birth weight, weaning weight, growth EPDs and pedigree. Download Catalog 1

Catalog 2 - Catalog 2 shows the Dam and Sire EPDs along with the animal in the pen. Performance data and Dam production information also prints on this catalog along with the 3 generation pedigree. Download Catalog 2

Catalog 3 - This catalog shows the current breeding information that includes Breeding Sire, Sire Type and the Breeding date. It also shows pedigree, EPDs and Performance Data for the animal in the pen.  Download Catalog3        Download Sub-Report for Catalog 3

Catalog 4 - This catalog displays pedigree information, performance information, birth, weaning, maternal and yearling EPDs for a pen of animals. It does not show the dam production or carcass EPDs. It has a nice layout which makes it very clean and easy to read. Download Catalog 4

Catalog 5 - This catalog is very similar to catalog 2. The difference between the two catalogs is the design. Take a look... Download Catalog 5

The next two catalogs are a different layout than the rest of the catalogs you have been viewing, they also require legal size paper.
Catalog 6 - This catalog is set up like a worksheet and shows the name of the dam's sire, birth, weaning, yearling, and ultrasound data. It does not display pedigree information. Download Catalog 6

Catalog 7 - this displays the same data as catalog 6 just bigger font and not as much information on the header of the report. Download Catalog 7

Catalog 8 - This catalog is a lot like catalog 5 with the exception of larger print and it only displays six animals per page. Download Catalog 8

Catalog 9 - This catalog is displays 3 animals per page with the footnotes printing on the left side and a real nice format on the right. The format resembles the top portion of the Performance Pedigree that you would request from the Herd Improvement Dept. Download Catalog 9

Catalog 10 - This is the basic catalog format that is included with the AIMS Software. I have modified this to include the Ultrasound EPDs so they will now print on the catalog. Download Catalog 10

Catalog 11 - This is the same layout as Catalog 8 just includes the Ultrasound EPDs that catalog 8 does not contain and it only prints 6 animals per page. Download Catalog 11

Catalog, Landscape - This is a very simple catalog that displays pedigree, general epds, and uses the master comment field from the General Tab so you can type in comments about the animals to be sold. It is sorted in the order you choose to sort your pen. Download Catalog