Angus University - Capitalizing on Calf Health Webinar Recording Available

How can I get the most out of a vaccination program? Will I get a return on my investment? How do I tackle calf health from a systems approach? What role does a cow’s health play in calf health?

A.J. Tarpoff, assistant professor and extension beef veterinarian at Kansas State University (KSU), explained the importance of effective timing and vaccination protocols. Tarpoff covered health from both a cow and calf perspective, focusing on how your investment will promise a healthier longevity for your herd, reducing illness, disease and increasing performance.

Tarpoff originally hails from Edwardsville, Illinois, where his family owned and operated a beef processing plant and steakhouse. After earning his D.V.M., Tarpoff worked for Alberta Beef Health Solutions in Alberta, Canada as the associate feedlot veterinarian. In this role, he focused on whole-herd production medicine, conducted numerous research trials, led feedlot employee trainings, monitored disease transmission, and worked with federal imports and exports. Tarpoff has held his current role at KSU since 2016.