2017 Roll of Victory Shows Sire of the Year
Points Awarded to: AAA - 16107774 S A V Brilliance 8077
Owner(s): A-91452Champion Hill, Martinsville IN
A-493689Schaffs Angus Valley, Saint Anthony ND
A-1056432Dameron Angus Farm, Lexington IL
Reg No.NamePoints  Show Name
AAA 18705341Cherry Knoll May 16727.0 American Angus Breeders Futurity
AAA 18589494Dameron C-5 Cheyenne 61525.0 American Angus Breeders Futurity
AAA 18744594H S Eila Eila 944 4366.0 American Royal
AAA 18705341Cherry Knoll May 167218.0 Atlantic National
AAA 18915840MR Brilliance 7327.0 Fort Worth Stock Show
AAA 18589494Dameron C-5 Cheyenne 615210.0 Illinois State Fair
AAA 18592291Lemenager Forever Lady D417.0 Illinois State Fair
AAA 18499099Abner Doubleday6.0 Illinois State Fair
AAA 18823920Henderson WDF Brilliant 7355.0 Illinois State Fair
AAA 18705341Cherry Knoll May 167211.0 Keystone International Livestock Expo
AAA 18785130ANS Brilliance 7015.0 Keystone International Livestock Expo
AAA 18856632Cherry Knoll Elsa 16113.0 Keystone International Livestock Expo
AAA 18572636Cherry Knoll Elsa 16633.0 Keystone International Livestock Expo
AAA 18705341Cherry Knoll May 167210.0 National Western Stock Show
AAA 18828535Lucky Lane Bandicoot 63412.0 NewYork State Fair
AAA 16107774S A V Brilliance 807710.0 NewYork State Fair
AAA 18833357HMF Solution 6157.0 NewYork State Fair
AAA 18461618GMG Sweet 'n Sassy 6016.0 NewYork State Fair
AAA 18576423HMF Cheyenne 6066.0 NewYork State Fair
AAA 18499168Kelley Delia Beauty 102D 3D6.0 NewYork State Fair
AAA 18504610HMF Sabrina 6055.0 NewYork State Fair
AAA 18705009Kelley Blackbird 2A 27D5.0 NewYork State Fair
AAA 18727060HMF Valentine 6145.0 NewYork State Fair
AAA 18823920Henderson WDF Brilliant 7358.0 North American Internatl Livestock Expo
AAA 18846233KM Pearl Enechor E045.0 Northern International Livestock Expo
AAA 18776011Berrys Dinoco10.0 Oregon State Fair
AAA 18539451Rooker Erica 60166.0 State Fair of West Virginia
AAA 18428581QVS Jestress 150012.0 Tennessee State Fair
AAA 18729087HCC Missie 6174.0 Tennessee State Fair
AAA 18367021COR Peggy Sue B152-03511.0 Washington State Fair
AAA 18776011Berrys Dinoco10.0 Washington State Fair
AAA 18698229COR Peggy Sue B162-0355.0 Washington State Fair
AAA 18698228COR Forever Lady B163-49504.0 Washington State Fair
AAA 18545383WAF Barbara6134.0 World Beef Expo
Total Points: 244.0