Many of the publications listed below are also available as printed pieces. To have printed items shipped to you, please visit

American Angus Association Overview - This publication provides an overview of the American Angus Association's programs and services.

Angus Advantages - This brochure explains how Angus genetics can work in producer's herds to improve demand, boost profits and take some of the work out of cattle production.

Angus Beef Chart - A great reference for meat cuts and how they relate to a beef animal. This revised version includes recommended cooking methods. This file requires Adobe Acrobat 4.0 or higher to view. You can also request color reprints which are "11x17", folded and three-hole punched. Poster size available upon request.

Angus Clip Art and Screen Savers - Screensavers of various Angus scenes are now available. Also, use Angus graphics by Frank C. Murphy to illustrate Angus promotional or educational projects.

Angus Education Center - The Angus Education Center is the AAA online resource for educational materials. These interactive modules, brochures and handouts offer information on programs and services offered by the American Angus Association.

Annual Report - A year-end review of the activities of the American Angus Association.

Century Award - The Century Award was created to recognize its members and their families who have been in continuous production of registered Angus cattle for at least 100 years. The honorees are recognized at the American Angus Association’s Annual Awards Banquet each November, with an engraved plaque, notice will be given in the Angus Journal, and a list will be maintained on the Association’s website. In addition, publicity will be sent to their local media. Applications are due to the Activities Department by Sept. 1, of the year you wish to receive the award. Please feel free to include additional sheets or copies of relevant historical documents if applicable. Click here to download a Century Award Application. Click here for a listing of members that have been recognized with Century Awards.

Historic Angus Herd Award - Active members of the Association who have been in the continuous production of registered Angus cattle for 50 years or more are eligible to apply for the American Angus Association's Historic Angus Herd Award. To qualify, the herd must be owned by the original member or their immediate family and documentation of herd records must be provided. Herds that qualify are presented an official certificate, signed by the president of the Association, and recognition in the Angus Journal. Click here to download a Historic Angus Herd Award application. Click here for a listing of members that have been recognized with the Historic Angus Herd Award since the program was started in 1988.

History Book - "A Historic Angus Journey - The American Angus Association, 1883-2000"  For more information on the history book click here or to order your history book today click here.