A profitable cow herd begins with efficient females. But how can producers receive the most out of reproductive trait data? The answer is MaternalPlus.

MaternalPlus provides Angus breeders and their customers the information they need to make effective selection decisions. It’s a voluntary, inventory-based reporting system designed to capture additional reproductive trait data and, ultimately, expand reproductive and lifetime productivity tools.

By using MaternalPlus, producers will receive additional information at birth weight data processing, including calving ease, birth weight and weaning weight EPDs for calves out of inventoried cows. If no birth weights are submitted but weaning weights are, calves will receive these EPDs at weaning processing time. In addition, MaternalPlus allows producers to submit cow disposal codes and reason designations, which keeps an accurate record of why a cow was culled.

Visit AAA Login or contact the Association to learn how to use MaternalPlus. Click here for a list of MaternalPlus Participants in your area.

MaternalPlus Program Information

  • Breeders can enroll any time.
  • Cows are assessed an annual $3 fee per female which replaces her calf's associated AHIR birth or weaning weight fee.
  • Heifers enroll in the program for free, meaning her first calf’s AHIR fee is also free.
  • At birth weight data processing time, Calving Ease, Birth Weight and Weaning Weight EPDs are provided.
  • Allows breeders to report data using traditional means of performance reporting, such as Angus Information Management Software (AIMS), AAA Login and other software.
  • MaternalPlus allows for complete production and disposal of your cow herd.
  • Requirements include heifer breeding records, and for each inventoried female: calf record (weight, preweaning or disposal code); or disposal code for cow; or reason designations.
  • AAA Login is the venue for participating and learning more about MaternalPlus.
Tutorial Videos
Maternal Plus Initial Enrollment Tutorial - Learn how to enroll in MaternalPlus.
Maternal Plus Re-enrollment Tutorial - Learn how to complete the annual re-enrollment process.
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MaternalPlus Requirements

Require heifer breeding records, and for each inventoried female submit one of the following:

  • Calf record (weight, preweaning disposal reason)
  • Disposal code for cow
  • Reason code for why cow didn’t produce
MaternalPlus Participants
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