Sale Book Production

Nowhere in the business will you find a more talented, detail-oriented team of professionals who specialize in salebook production.

Angus Media accesses performance information and EPDs straight from the American Angus Association's database, which includes the most accurate and up-to-date records prior to sale day.

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Plan ahead

Start early to ensure the best possible results. We will guide you on deadlines, provide creative artistic flair and ensure all logistics are in order throughout the entire process.

7 weeks
prior to your sale — materials due
2-3 weeks
production and proofing
1 week
printing and binding
3 weeks
your sale book is mailed

Unrivaled distribution of sale books and information

Tap into the Association's broad listing of Angus customers to promote your herd to a targeted group of customers. We can pinpoint exact locations where you'd like to share your latest bull or female offering.

It's as simple as that.

Target cattle producers in the following categories:
  • Angus Herd Improvement Records® (AHIR) members who have registered AI calves
  • Active or new American Angus Association members who have registered a certain number of animals
  • Association members who have had animals transferred to them, sorted by cows or bulls
  • National Junior Angus Association members
  • Non-members based on number of head and whether they've purchased Angus bulls or females
  • Member transfers, which details a list of customers who have purchased animals from you and then transferred the registration papers
  • Subscribed to the Angus Journal or Angus Beef Bulletin
  • Have a different target in mind? Let us know and we can explore options.
Complement your sale book with direct mail

Post cards, brochures and flyers can keep your ranch top-of-mind leading up to sale day or simply reconnect you with current and potential buyers.

Want more information? Give us a few details and we'll provide a project quote.