Angus Media is excited to
introduce Angus Sales TV!

Videos are an increasingly popular way to market your ranch or farm. Angus Sales TV is now available to help guide you through the video production and promotion process.

Angus Sales TV is a portfolio of video services ranging from video shoots, editing, posting and promotion. Videos can be used as a showcase for prospective customers to learn more about your program or to view sale lots with your online sale book.

Let Angus Sales TV help develop and create a sense of excitement around your breeding program and production sale. Call or email today to learn more about how Angus Sales TV can help you!

Brett Spader 816.383.5205

Angus Sales TV Video Posting*

  • Post Angus Video Sale Lots to the online sale book page and Angus Sales TV Youtube channel.

  • These lots are posted in conjunction with Angus online sale books that generated 38 million page views in 2017.
Minimums Price Angus Media VIP Pricing
$150 $8.00 per lot $6.00 per lot

*Angus Media VIP pricing is predicated on the ranch building their sale book with Angus Media Print Services. *Links in the sale lot description for Angus Media Digital Services Web Sites only

Web Video Shoot & Editing

Have reliable professionals video and edit your sale lots on time and on budget.

  • Video shoot and editing

  • Schedule a minimum of two weeks prior to shoot date

  • Pricing includes posting videos to Angus Sales TV and Angus online sale books
Minimums Price Angus Media VIP Pricing
$500 $22.00 per lot (+travel) $20.00 per lot (+travel)

* Price does not include travel to shoot location

Livestock Video Editing

Send in your video footage and allow our team to edit the clips.

  • Editing includes:

    • Cut footage to put your best foot forward

    • Add logo and lot number to video

    • Posts associated Angus Online Sale book

    • Post to Angus Sales TV

Minimums Price Angus Media VIP Pricing
n/a $15.00 per lot (+travel) $13.00 per lot (+travel)

Creative Web Video

We can assist you with marketing efforts by shooting and editing creative web video which can highlight your operation and breeding philosophies. These videos can provide an illustration of your program and position reasons why potential customers should select your genetics. Utilize these videos on your web site, via social media or to accompany an Angus Online sale book.


  • Script and/or Primer Question Preparation

  • Video Production Shooting, including microphones and lighting

  • B-roll footage, interviews and audio recording

  • Voiceovers

  • Background Music

  • Video Editing and Audio Processing – Travel NOT included

  • Posted to Angus Sales TV

  • 30 sec. teaser

Production Sale Preview Customer Testimonials Private Treaty, Embryo, or Semen Availability Customer Service Highlights
Production Sale Invitation and Hightlights Breeding Program Philosophies Sire Directory Ranch Profile
Reference SIre Review Reasons to Purchase Genetics Donor Progeny Video Drone Footage
Minimums Price Angus Media VIP Pricing
2 minutes $300 per minute (+travel) $280 per minute (+travel)
Digital Sale Book Pricing
Post your sale book to the online sale book page that received 38-million-page view in 2017! Print Services Customer Sale Books – $0 • VIP Web Site Customer Price – $350 • Camera Ready Price – $450
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