Editorial Calendar

The Angus Journal magazine is the heartbeat of Angus Media communications — a trusted publication owned by the American Angus Association for more than three decades. The editorial team produces a variety of award-winning content, covering the field from pasture management to herd health, genomics to marketing.


Angus Means Business. Complete coverage from the Angus Means Business National Angus Convention & Trade Show, including highlights from keynote speakers and educational sessions, Association awards and honorees, and much more.


Repro Strategies. A solid plan for managing reproduction in your cow herd is an important consideration as you move from calving to the breeding season. We'll share practical tips and the latest research for improving reproduction.


Genomics. With an eye toward accelerating genomic technology, we take a look at improving genetics through quality herd sires DNA testing and management practices.


Pasture Management. Green grass can go a long way for a rancher's optimism and cow herd nutrition. In this issue, we'll report on management strategies and practices for improving pastures.


Heat & Health. Summer's warmer temperatures are inevitable. Explore what cattle producers and feeders can do ahead of the temperature curve to keep animals in the best possible condition.


Feeding Strategies. Explore what cattle feeders wish seedstock and cow-calf producers knew about their sector of the business, and how cattlemen can target CAB® brand premiums.


Angus Heritage. Celebrate the Angus breed's storied history in the U.S. beef industry, and learn how the first bloodlines were transported from Scotland in the late 1800s.


Building Your Business. The cattle industry is unlike any venture in America, requiring a skill set that involves animal husbandry, agronomy, accounting and finance. We provide tips for sustaining and growing your business.


Research & Innovation. The future has never been brighter for beef cattle research and technology. We take you behind-the-scenes of the latest projects and what they could mean for the future of your Angus operation.


Know Your Commercial Customer. Partnerships are everything in the cattle business. And it takes a dedicated group of individuals to produce top quality calves that qualify for the CAB® brand. Tips for building successful relationships between seedstock breeders and commercial cattlemen.


Marketing. A saturated media environment, filled with constant text updates, social media notifications and emails, requires a savvy marketing campaign. We explore how creative and innovative marketing practices can be applied on the ranch.


Your Association. The American Angus Association continues to lead the cattle industry with new programs and services to benefit today's quality-focused cattleman. End the year with a recap of the latest news and releases from the member-driven organization that serves 25,000 Angus breeders nationwide.

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