Angus Foundation

External Requests to the Angus Foundation for Funding

  • Definition and Purpose

    • Organized in 1980, the Angus Foundation (herein after referred to as "Foundation") is a not-for-profit corporation organized under the General Corporation Act of the State of Illinois and is qualified as a tax-exempt organization under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code of 1986, as amended. Gifts made to the Foundation are deemed to be made to a qualified organization and are deductible under Section 170(b)(1) of the Internal Revenue Code. The purposes of the Angus Foundation shall be to carry on education and research activities related to agriculture.
  • Mission

    • The mission of the Angus Foundation is to secure, manage and steward charitable gifts for the purpose of cultivating and fostering the advancement of education, youth and research activities.
  • Governing Body

    • The Angus Foundation is governed and administered by a Board of Directors and professional staff.
  • Meetings

    • The Directors meet in February, June, September and November. Once initial screening of external funding requests is completed by the Angus Foundation's External Funding Request Review Committee, appropriate requests for funding will be considered.
  • Response to Inquiries

    • A response to each request or inquiry will be made by the Foundation within a reasonable time.
  • Applications

    • The Directors invite applications from qualified charitable institutions. A careful evaluation of each such request will be made. You need provide only one copy. Applications are accepted at any time (see Content of Proposals for more information about research proposals and proposals for other youth and educational activities).
  • Areas of Interest and Funding Priorities

    • Major areas of support by the Angus Foundation include:
      • Education
      • Youth
      • Research
    • Needs outside the range of support by the Angus Foundation:
      • Local programs appropriately financed within the community;
      • Direct mail solicitations and annual campaigns;
      • Hospitals;
      • Operating expenses;
      • Purchase of vehicles;
      • Grants to individuals;
      • Responsibility for permanent financing of a program;
      • Programs whose ultimate intent is to be profit making;
      • Start-up funding for new organizations;
      • Feasibility studies;
      • Grants which trigger expenditure responsibility by Angus Foundation;
      • Direct support to government agencies;
      • Individual public or private elementary or secondary schools.
      • Religious institutions and their subsidiaries.
      • Capital (construction) projects.
  • Content of Proposals

    • Research-specific information:
      • Research inquiries and proposals are directed through the American Angus Association® Research Priorities Committee that reviews the project proposals and makes consideration for any requested funding by Association entities. These entities include the Angus Foundation, Certified Angus Beef® and the parent company of the American Angus Association. The Research Priorities Committee has representatives from each entity Board of Directors and staff.
      • Research priority areas have been determined by the American Angus Association and the Angus Foundation. They are as follows:
        • Feed Efficiency (cow emphasis)
        • Carcass Quality and Consumer Satisfaction
        • Reproduction and Stayability/Longevity
        • Adaptability (includes PAP, fescue toxicosis/hair shed)
        • Genome Preservation and Data Collection
        • Membership Needs
        • Breed Strengths
        • Disease
        • *Note: Research not following these priorities may still be deemed relevant and beneficial to the Angus breed or beef industry. Research funding requests will be forwarded to the American Angus Association Research Priorities Committee for approval and recommendation, before funding by the Angus Foundation will be considered.
      • Suggested format for research proposals:
        • Formal proposal requests for funding should be a two to three page document. Proposals should include at least the project objectives, proposed analysis and data requests if any, timeframe of study, and the budget for requested funds. Questions can be directed to:

          Dan Moser
          President, Angus Genetics Inc.
          Director of Performance Programs, American Angus Association
          Direct telephone: 816-383-5196

      • Indirect Cost Policy In view of its status as a non-profit institution and its desire to maximize the direct impact from its research funding dollars, it is the official policy of the American Angus Association and its entities not to pay facility, administrative or other indirect costs for research projects funded by the Association and its 501(c)3 not-for-profit entity Angus Foundation.
    • Information for other educational and youth-related proposals:
      • A copy of the application instructions and application form required to submit funding requests to the Angus Foundation are available by clicking Application Instructions and Application for External Funding Requests links below. Download the application to your computer, then open it in Word and fill it out completely.

        Application Instructions

  • Challenge Grants

    • The Board may, at its discretion, determine to approve an external funding request contingent upon the fulfillment by the organization or institution meeting an additional fundraising obligation for the project in question in a specified time period.
  • Application Format

    • Your research proposal or other project funding application with required attachements MUST be completed and returned to Mark McCully, Vice Chairman of the Board, by mail, email or in person. Failure to provide complete information requested will adversely affect your prospects for funding. If you have any questions, please contact the Angus Foundation at 816-383-5100.

      Send proposals to:
      Mark McCully
      Vice Chairman of the Board
      Angus Foundation
      3201 Frederick Avenue
      St. Joseph, MO 64506
  • Post-application requirements

    • Once an external funding request has been approved by the Angus Foundation, the recipient will be asked to sign an agreement that outlines the work to be accomplished and the terms or conditions accompanying the Angus Foundation's funding commitment.
    • The grant recipient may be asked to make interim reports to the Angus Foundation on the project's progress.