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Establishing Memorial Gifts and Endowments in the Angus Foundation

Endowments can be established with a minimum sum of $10,000. As the word "endowment" infers, these funds are permanently held on deposit by the Angus Foundation with only the annual investment revenue available for expenditure(s) toward the program(s) designated by the donor at the time of the gift. Existing endowments can be increased at any time with additional funds (gifts) of which the investment revenue generated by these subsequent funds will be expended in accordance to the guidelines and parameters established at the time of the endowment's inception.

There is a multitude of attractive features and attributes of an endowment with the primary one perhaps being the satisfaction that donors receive knowing that their gift will in essence, "keep on giving" in perpetuity. This arrangement lends itself superbly to donors wishing to permanently leave their own Angus (personal name or farm/ranch name) legacy or honor and pay tribute to an Angus mentor or fellow esteemed Angus breeder. Furthermore, endowments provide donors a convenient vehicle to permanently memorialize a beloved family member or Angus friend in a meaningful and lasting profound manner.

The Angus Foundation welcomes and frequently receives "in-memory" gifts that, unless designated otherwise by the donor, are "non-endowed" and these contributions provide an important source of discretionary funding that in turn can be used for scholarships or other purposes deemed appropriate by the Angus Foundation.

Whether the memorial gift is endowed or non-endowed, the Angus Foundation will notify the deceased's family that a memorial gift (no amount disclosed) has been made in-memory of their loved one.

Regardless, as noted above, permanent endowments can be funded with outright cash gifts while a donor is living, OR be funded as a result of a planned charitable gift strategy(ies) put in place by the donor with the ultimate objective being the funding of the endowment upon their death(s). Examples of these planned (or deferred) charitable gift strategies include bequests (will), life insurance policies, charitable trusts, gift annuities, etc., whereby a sum of funds is received by the Angus Foundation with only the annual investment revenue expended for the purpose as designated by the donor at the time the planned charitable gift strategy was formalized. Your Angus Foundation staff will be glad to visit with you about any of these planned charitable gift strategies.

In summary, endowments provide donors the opportunity, such as the establishment of an endowed memorial scholarship fund, to simultaneously achieve a number of objectives that the donor is wishing to accomplish with their charitable support to the Angus Foundation with the shared goal of advancing education, youth and research.

For further information, contact Angus Foundation Director of Development Rod Schoenbine at 816-383-5100.

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