Angus Black Book

Is the online tool box that will streamline your commercial cattle operation’s record keeping in the field. This app provides real-time recording of multiple data points to assist in profitable management decisions.

Angus Black Book Login

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With Black Book app you can fully digitize cattle record keeping to allow producers to execute seamless day to day management and record keeping.

Setting Up Your Farm Or Ranch Operation

Our innovative Angus Black Book commercial cattle record keeping app instantly sets up your cow-calf operation to start streamlining records. The app functions online or offline without hassle.

Sign up on Angus Black Book App

A user-friendly interface where you can easily sign up as a ranch or farm owner and add workers or family members via an email invite or signup link.


Create Ranch or Farm

After sign up, you can create a ranch or farm by filling out the required information.


Add your Cattle

Add cows, calves or bulls, individually on the app or in the groups via the web portal.


User Roles Can be Managed

Add users to perform assigned activities, view the calendar or set up reminders. Users can have as much or as little access to your information as the App Owner desires.


Create Pastures

With Angus Black Book you can add multiple pastures and record cattle movement individually or as a group. Producers can record pasture management information too.


Farm or Ranch Management

The Angus Black Book app automates cattle record keeping and management for commercial users; making it easier to manage their operation.


Manage Your Operation

With Angus Black Book users can manage their data such as calving, weaning, breeding and health processes by making it easier and faster to track specific groups or individual animals.

Key features include:

  1. Import cattle in groups.
  2. Centralized cattle management and record keeping.
  3. Use groups to accurately identify and manage cattle lots.
  4. Trace the individual cattle history timeline for an animal from it's profile page.

Operational Management

With Angus Black Book you can instantly record activities for your herd, regardless of size.

  • Producers can choose from a variety of AI breeding protocols for heifers, cows, or steers. The app will add pertinent dates to the calendar reminders for:
    • Date to place and pull CIDRs.
    • Dates to administer GnRH and prostaglandins, along with dosage.
  • Record activities such as:
    • Weaning
    • Castration
    • Preventative vaccinations as well as documenting antibiotic usage.
    • Breeding (AI and/or natural)
    • Pregnancy check your cows and heifers.
    • Pasture movement
    • DNA sample type by animal.
  • Utilize the web portal to bulk upload large amounts of data or print spreadsheets for a historical snapshot of your operation.

Perform Multiple Activities On-the-Go

The Angus Black Book app allows for the hassle-free addition of data from your cattle operation. Because your smart phone goes where you go, your cattle records go right along with you every day. Use the bulk upload spreadsheet via the web portal and then utilize the mobile app to add specific information, if desired. This app has offline capabilities to work out in the field with you every day.

Enhanced Visibility

Angus Black Book app provides owners and managers who operate several cattle operations enhanced visibility of day to day activities and operations of the herd.


Keeping track of data and information can be daunting. History allows you to view a snapshot of your operations past.


Analytics & Reports

Reports can provide users with key insights; enabling them a snapshot of the overall operation so that they can make management decisions based on documented information. View reports related to calving, breeding, weaning and progeny--- these reports can be viewed and shared at any given time.


Built with Commercial Producers in Mind

Daylight Support

Your office is outside so this app has high contrast, Black & white theme and big fonts that allow users to clearly read and distinguish between layouts.


Offline Capability

Mobile service is an issue on any farm or ranch. Angus Black Book has been developed to fully support offline usage—users can record data without internet connectivity and can later sync when an internet connection becomes available. Just use the “Sync Now” button at the bottom for the most up-to- date app information.



For ease of access, this app can be linked with a Bluetooth EID tag reader to make entering EIDs in the Black Book app easy.