Calculators and Tables

The American Angus Association provides several quick-reference calculators and tools to assist breeders and their customers in their selection decisions suited to the needs of their individual operations.

Accuracy & Associated Possible Change - Table listing the possible change values associated with each EPD trait at various accuracy levels.

Across-Breed EPD Adjustment Factors - The most recent U.S. MARC adjustment factors. Add these to the EPDs of animals of different breeds to adjust their EPD values to an Angus equivalent.

Adjusted Weights and Measurements by Year - AHIR averages since 1972.

Age in Days - Calculate the date when a calf will fall into age windows for AHIR measurements.

Breed Averages for EPD and $Values - For current sires, current dams, non-parent bulls, and non-parent cows.

Data Descriptions - Lists expected progeny difference (EPD) and $Value averages, standard deviations (SD) and minimum/maximum.

Genetic Trend EPD and $Values by Birth Year - average EPD and $Value trends since 1972.

Gestation Calculator - Calculate an approximate due date or service date for breeding animals.

Heritabilities & Genetic Correlations - A table to report this.

Optimal Milk Module - For commercial producers, Angus Optimal Milk allows you to enter your current average cow weight and cow, her milking level, plus your annual estimated pasture and feed cost, to find a Milk EPD matched to your needs.

Percentile Breakdown - For current sires, current dams, non-parent bulls, and non-parent cows to show how animals rank in the Angus database.