AngusSource is a USDA Process Verified Program (PVP) that has added new programs. AngusSource offers the following PVP programs,

Age & Source

  • Age & Source certifies the group age and source of your calves. Animals must be traceable to the ranch of origin and have records documenting the first calf born on the operation. A program compliant RFID AngusSource ear tag will be required for enrollment.

Non-Hormone Treated Cattle (NHTC)

  • This program requires cattle to not receive any added hormones for their entire life cycle. An onsite audit must be conducted prior to the calves leaving the ranch of origin.
  • Hormone growth promotants (HGP) may not be used at any time in the cattle being verified. HGPs include MGA or other products used for estrus synchronization, implants such as Ralgro, Synovex and Compudose.
  • If HGPs are used or purchased (even for cattle not being enrolled) on the operation, documentation must be maintained detailing purchases and which animals receive HGPs. Enrolled calves that become non-compliant must use the fall-out procedure to ensure calves are not marketed as NHTC.

AS-Calf Management

  • This program improves confidence of the buyers. Participating cattle producers will document their preventative animal health program prior to delivery.
  • This is an optional certification and will not be offered as a stand-alone program.

AS-Angus-Sired Genetics

  • This program documents and verifies, at minimum, the enrolled calves are 50% Angus.
  • Enrolled calves must have been sired by registered and properly transferred Angus sires, used naturally or AI. This PVP point is reminiscent of the original AngusSource program.

AS-NeverEver3 (NE3)

  • Animals may not receive any antibiotics, HGPs or animal by-products.
  • No animal by-products can be fed to the enrolled cattle. This includes products from mammals or avian species including but not limited to animal fat, feather meal, blood meal, meat & bone meal. Fish products are allowed but must be documented.
  • Calves must have an AngusSource RFID tag for enrollment and an onsite audit must be conducted prior to the calves leaving the ranch of origin.
  • No antibiotics can be used for the enrolled calves. This includes injectable, or antibiotics used in the feed or water.
  • If HGPs, animal byproducts or antibiotics are purchased documentation must be maintained for purchases and usage on all cattle on the farm or ranch. Enrolled calves that become non-compliant must use the fall-out procedure to ensure calves are not marketed as AS-NE-3.

AS-Cattle Care & Handling

  • This program raises consumer confidence by documenting proper management techniques and showing a commitment to quality within the beef industry. Age and Source verification through AngusSource is a requirement. Your initial enrollment in Cattle Care and Handling will require an onsite review/audit.
  • This is an optional certification to document processes that follow BQA guidelines for handling cattle. Ranches that handle cattle by following BQA guidelines and are BQA certified should consider this optional verification.

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