Decades of Excellence
Herd City: at Fancy Free Farms, Unionville, TN US Auctioneer: Steve Dorran
Sale Date: 11/4/2017Sale Mgr: American Angus Hall of Fame
API Rep: Alex Tolbert

Lots Gross Average
80 Total Registered Females $688,750.00 $8,609.00
80 Reported Sale Total $688,750.00 $8,609.00
  • Top Open Heifer
Lot 1A Decades Queenie 1707 $50,000.00
Buyer: Pasture View Angus - Dunlap, IL;
ZWT Ranch - Crossville, TN
Sire Name: Basin Payweight 1682
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Lot 3 Decades Lady 1701 1/2 $27,500.00
Buyer: 7 T - Sullivan, MO
Sire Name: K C F Bennett Absolute
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Lot 4 Decades Lady B27 $20,000.00
Buyer: Crazy K Ranch - Michie, TN
Sire Name: Basin Payweight 1682
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Lot 22 Farmington Elba F910 $16,000.00
Buyer: Double R Bar - Plymouth, IN
Sire Name: S A V International 2020
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  • Top Bred Heifer
Lot 2 Decades Lady B689 $110,000.00
Buyer: Linz Heritage Angus - Crown Point, IN
Sire Name: Quaker Hill Rampage 0A36
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  • Top Bred Cow
Lot 27 Tanner Madame Pride 4034 $18,000.00
Buyer: Kendall Farms - Fountain Run, KY
Sire Name: Connealy Capitalist 028
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  • Top Pregnancy
Lot 9A $13,500.00
Buyer: Black Gold Genetics - Robinson, IL
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