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Commercial Tests

Improving the quality and marketability of your commercial herd begins with genomic data. With greater accuracy and precision than ever before, commercial users of Angus genetics can pinpoint economically relevant traits and fuel progress within the herd.

AGI’s suite of test options are used to establish GE-EPDs to measure genetic merit and can also determine parentage or test for genetic conditions — important capabilities in the management of your herd.

Genomic testing technology has evolved since genomic profile results were first incorporated into Angus EPDs in 2010. The hundreds of thousands of HD tests submitted by Angus breeders to date have helped improve and regularly calibrate genomics programs to interpret markers, increase accuracy and allow for the GeneMax suite of tests for commercial users of Angus genetics.

GeneMax Advantage

GeneMax® Advantage™ is a genomic test created from a collaboration between AGI, Certified Angus Beef LLC and Zoetis. The offering is for use in commercial Angus replacement females (75% or greater) to help you make better-informed selection, mating and marketing decisions.

GeneMax Advantage delivers three economic index scores and ten individual genomic trait scores that drive indexes to allow for easier, more dependable decision-making:

  • Cow Advantage – Predicts differences in profitability from heifer development, pregnancy and calving, to the sale of weaned progeny, Calving Ease Total Maternal, Weaning Weight, Milk, Heifer Pregnancy, Mature Weight
  • Feeder Advantage – Predicts differences in net return of feeder calf progeny due to growth, feed efficiency and CAB carcass merit, Gain, Carcass Weight, Marbling, Ribeye Area, Fat
  • Total Advantage – Predicts differences in profitability from genetic merit across all economically relevant traits captured in the Cow and Feeder Advantage index scores

GeneMax Advantage also offers Smart Outlier Reporting for quick identification of animals that likely possess relatively extreme genetics for certain traits, as well as Sire Match that links tested females to registered and transferred genomic-tested sires, regardless of the platform they are tested on. This includes sires tested with HD 50k, i50k, Angus GS, GGP-HD or GGP-LD.

Pricing: $28.00 per test.

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Understanding GeneMax Advantage Results

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GeneMax Focus

GeneMax Focus assists in identifying Angus-base (75% and greater) animals with superior gain and carcass traits for advanced females selection and Angus feeder cattle marketing.

With GeneMax Focus, you can:

  • Receive genetic predictions for four traits including weaning weight (WW), post-weaning feedlot gain (Gain), carcass weight (CW) and USDA marbling score (Marb). An economic selection index called GMX Score ranks animals for net returns from combined genetic merit for evaluated traits.
  • Evaluate genetic differences in gain and carcass traits to aid in replacement heifer selection and breeding decisions. These results may be integrated into feeder cattle marketing programs, such as Angus Source, for enhanced price discovery of untested steer mates.
  • Sire Match to HD 50K and i50K tested Angus A.I. and natural service bull batteries.

Pricing: $17.00 per test.

Understanding GeneMax Focus Results