For Angus. By Angus.

The Powerful New Genomic Selection Tool: Angus GS
Built by the American Angus Association.

The FIRST High-Density Test Created Specifically for Angus Cattle

Empowering your future with genomics. More power. More accuracy. More value.

The First Genomic Profile That's All About Angus

  • Angus-specific gene markers for improved accuracy
  • A full 50K for genomic prediction
  • Novel DNA content full of future opportunity
  • A business opportunity for rapid, whole herd advancement

Novel DNA Traits For Our Future Success

  • The future is bright for mating plans that improve fertility and other key traits
  • With ongoing discovery built in, Angus GS℠ gives you head start on future opportunity
  • New potential to better understand healthy embryonic development, feed efficiency and meat tenderness

Saturated With Angus-Specific DNA Content

  • We've added 10,000 informative new Angus gene markers to our core content
  • High quality gene markers will improve prediction accuracy
  • We'll better understand the inherited contributions from all ancestors

The Full High-Density 50K

Angus GS is more than a DNA test. It’s a new opportunity.

Put Angus GS to work with the advantages of whole herd genotyping. Powerfully affordable and easy to use, it’s the best DNA profiler for Angus seedstock production. Angus Genetics Inc. welcomes Allflex Tissue Sampling Units (TSU), a practical DNA collection system during routine cattle handing. Collect DNA in seconds. Fast. Clean. Easy.

Manage breeding and mating plans proactively. Knowing both sides of a mating, we can improve beneficial traits while breeding around less desirable qualities. Make faster progress, reducing generational interval using Angus GS. Profile males and females soon after they are born, saving years of risk and investment. With Angus GS, differentiate full-sibs early in life. And, when used with A.I. and E.T. tools, move your program even faster.

Make the best plan for your whole herd. Once upon a time, we only DNA-tested the top end of sale bulls. Today, Angus GS will help us select both males and females to produce future generations of superior sale bulls. Angus producers using Angus GS will lead the industry in breed improvement.

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