Developmental Duplication

Developmental Duplication (DD) Fact Sheet - A fact sheet providing information about DD, DD testing and registration policies.

Watch the video: Understanding Developmental Duplication in Cattle

Important Notice: DD testing procedures for Tex Demand 2791 progeny.

Important Notice: DD status update for Tex Demand 2791 as of June 27, 2016.

DD Test Results

An updated listing of DD test results. Test results are updated daily as received from authorized testing labs.

Click here for AGI testing prices.

Authorized DD Testing Labs
Access the listing and contact information for the current American Angus Association authorized labs conducting tests for DD. Additional labs will be added to the page as they are approved. Click here.

Potential Carrier Report
AAA Login users can access an interactive tool to generate a report of owned animals and their DD status based on the DD test results received to date. From the AAA Login menu, go to the DNA > Genetic Condition Tools section and click on the "Potential Carrier Report" menu option. If you are not a current AAA Login user, click here to create your online profile.

Important Update on Developmental Duplication as of September 12, 2013:
Policy Update on Developmental Duplication (DD) and the Display of Information Relating to Genetic Conditions on Pedigrees, Click here.  

A message from American Angus Association President Phil Trowbridge - in regard to the policy on Developmental Duplication (DD). Click here.  

Notice of August 12, 2013:
Genetic Condition Update - A new genetic condition has been identified by Dr. Jon Beever, University of Illinois. A Task Force of the Board has been directed to meet this week to develop an approach on how the full Board should address this issue. For more detailed information on the genetic condition and the Board’s action, click here.