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Research Priorities Committee

This committee is responsible for the evaluation and identification of research areas of emphasis for the Association. The committee coordinates the review of potential research efforts and recommends the funding source for approved projects within the Association and its entities.

The committee provides a defined process for the assessment of submitted research proposals and may provide calls for projects in specific research areas as the need arises. The committee members include representation from the American Angus Association, Certified Angus Beef LLC (CAB), Angus Genetics Inc. (AGI) and the Angus Foundation.

By design, the Association vice president (currently Jarold Callahan) is chairman of the committee. Other members include the treasurer of the Association (Phil Trowbridge), the AGI chairman (Gordon Stucky), the CAB chairman (Steve Olson), the Angus Foundation chairman (Phil Trowbridge), the director of performance programs (Bill Bowman), the director of genetic research (Sally Northcutt) and a CAB representative (Larry Corah). Ex officio members are the CEO (Bryce Schumann) and CFO (Rich Wilson) of the Association and the Angus Foundation President (Milford Jenkins).