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Finance and Planning Committee

This committee’s areas of responsibility include financial oversight and planning, budget, investment and employee policy.

The Finance and Planning Committee is responsible for the assets and operations of the American Angus Association, its subsidiaries and its affiliates. This responsibility includes determining and recommending to the Board policies that will maintain and enhance the financial position of the Association. The nature of this responsibility involves the Finance Committee in the activities of other committees established by the Board.

It is not the responsibility of the Finance Committee to determine policy recommendations of other committees. Its purpose is to inform the full Board of the financial ramifications of proposed acts or policies.

In addition, the committee handles administration of Association finances, including developing and recommending budgets for the Asscociation as a whole and for each department within the organization. It reviews the financial reports of the various services and programs offered by the Association and establishes program fees.

The committee establishes policy regarding the Association’s investment portfolio and its pension plan. It is responsible for monitoring factors affecting business, business cycles and inflation, as well as making changes in the financial structure of the Association as warranted.

It oversees and evaluates the needs of the Association’s real property and equipment.

The 10 members of the Finance and Planning Committee include Phil Trowbridge, chairman; Doug Schroeder, vice chairman; Charlie Boyd II; Scott Foster; John Elbert Harrell; Vaughn Meyer; John Pfeiffer Jr.; Jim Rentz; Darrell Silveira; and Cathy Watkins. The staff members who work with this committee include the CEO, COO, CFO, and the director and assistant director of finance — currently Bryce Schumann, Bill Bowman, Rich Wilson and Kenny Miller, respectively.