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Communications and Public Relations Committee.

This committee is responsible for the the Association’s national advertising program and the publicity and promotion of the Angus breed and Association programs, as well as cultivating and maintaining partnerships with allied industry organizations.

The committee focuses on communications and promotion of the Angus breed, the American Angus Association and its programs and affiliates. It also provides communication on major issues facing segments of the beef cattle and Angus industry. The committee works with all staff or departments directed to the committee’s efforts.

The committee considers international marketing efforts and communications, as well as promotion of the Association and affiliate programs that enhance the value of Angus cattle in the industry. It helps develop and maintain relationships with industry affiliates and allied industry groups as deemed appropriate by the Board. And it oversees the Association’s communication with media, members, affiliates and affiliate associations.

The six members of this committee for 2011 include Steve Olson, chairman; Arlen Sawyer, vice chairman; Leo McDonnell; Doug Schroeder; Gordon Stucky; and Kevin Yon. The staff members who work with the committee include the COO, director of communications and public relations, assistant director of communications and assistant director of public relations — currently Bill Bowman, Eric Grant, Crystal Albers and Crystal Young, respectively.