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Breed Improvement Committee

The committee’s areas of responsibility include national cattle evaluation (NCE), Beef Improvement Records [BIR, including Angus Herd Improvement Records (AHIR®) and Beef Record Service (BRS)], genetic research, and DNA technology for genetic evaluation.

The committee is responsible for constantly monitoring all performance programs sponsored by the American Angus Association and refining each program, where possible, to enhance the position of the Angus breed in the total beef industry. In addition to the staff members who work regularly with the committee, assistance is provided by university and industry technical advisors.

Matters that the committee handles include overseeing the American Angus Association NCE, implementing new performance practices in the BIR or NCE programs, and maintenance of a structured sire evaluation program for carcass merit. It is responsible for the analysis and publication of the annual Pathfinder Report. The committee is asked to maintain awareness of new technology in the field of animal breeding and to recommend refinements and revisions in the Association’s evaluation procedures as deemed necessary.

The committee has nine members for 2011 — Gordon Stucky, chairman; Jim Sitz, vice chairman; Jarold Callahan; Leo McDonnell; Vaughn Meyer; Steve Olson; Arlen Sawyer; Cathy Watkins; and Kevin Yon. Staff members who work closely with the Breed Improvement Committee include the COO; the directors of performance programs, genetic research and Angus Information Management Software (AIMS); and the director and assistant director of information systems — currently Bill Bowman, Sally Northcutt, Scott Johnson, Lou Ann Adams and Chris Stallo, respectively.