Angus Information Management Software

A Windows-based software program to simplify your

Angus herd recordkeeping.

Get Organized

The Angus Information Management Software (AIMS) is designed and written by the American Angus Association. As a Windows-based program, you get industry-standard methods to access all of your Angus records.

Here's your chance to organize cattle records in one location. No more searching drawers, tables, glove compartments and pick-up seats to find last year's breeding records. You can quickly find and print performance and pedigree information on any animal in your herd to show a prospective buyer.


  • Quick access to pedigree, performance and EPD information. Each time an Angus Sire Evaluation is run, you can get the latest EPDs for all of your animals.

  • Simplified reporting of AHIR data, which can be transmitted by disk or email. Registrations can also be submitted by disk or email. Several validation steps are automatically performed to help submit complete performance and registry information.

  • Access animals by tattoo, tag, registration number, electronic ID, name or sire/dam ID.

  • Display and print projected EPDs based on breeding or calving data.

  • Simulated breeding helps you determine what sires to use, or see the EPD profile of the calves from selected sires. Use the search results to record a planned sire. Also includes access to all National Sire Evaluation sires.

  • Records carcass and ultrasound data.

  • Extensive data validation to ensure accurate records.

  • Generate ranked listings to spot top producers and assist in culling decisions.

  • Calculate ratios, rankings and adjusted weights.

  • Automatically determine most likely sires and calving dates. Also records preg check information.

  • Print cow progeny lists or breeding histories.

  • Maintain medical and income/expense records.

  • Track animal purchase and sale information along with complete customer information.

  • Spreadsheet style screens improve speed of entering large amounts of data.

  • Many 255-character comment fields for permanently storing notes, plus one 32,000-character comment per animal.

  • Print worksheets for use in the pasture or barn.

  • Easy-to-make complete backups of your data.

Customer Management

The Customer Manager portion of AIMS includes over 35 fields to record complete address and phone numbers, spouse and children names, email and web site, herd size and member code, directions to their ranch, plus a lot more. It even has six user-defined fields to keep track of things like buyer type, a priority code or whether they should get a newsletter and catalog. Reports are available to show which customers purchased which animals as well as mailing labels and a "contact sheet" for quick access to phone and address information. Recent enhancements also allow the ability to view customer data “full-screen” (more data per screen) as well as the addition of advanced sorting capabilities. All of this ties to animal records which becomes a part of the customer’s overall history.

Ranch Tested

Hundreds of Angus breeders are already using the AIMS originally an upgrade to the Angus Herd Management System (AHMS) which had been in use since 1994. Dozens of user ideas went into AIMS which helps make it one of the most useful software packages you will own.

A survey of AIMS owners revealed the following reasons why they use the software:

  • Supported by and compatible with the American Angus Association

  • Better organization and convenience of records

  • Fast, easy access to a variety of herd data

  • Electronic submission of weights, breeding data and carcass information to AHIR

  • Quick access to pedigree of any animal in the system

  • Neatness – no more scribbled, smeared or crumpled paper records

  • Reduced paperwork

  • Consolidated location of all records

  • Easier to read and sort data

  • Current EPDs and performance data

  • Custom reports for buyers, sale catalogs, herd evaluation and a variety of management tools

  • New calves can be named with mouse-clicks — no typing required

One Angus breeder even exclaimed, "Now if it would just build fence!" Ok, so AIMS can't do everything, but when it comes to organizing the data for your Angus herd, it's hard to beat AIMS – Angus Information Management Software.

AIMs Screens

Everything in AIMS starts with the screen shown below, however, other screen-shots on these two pages are still just the beginning of a comprehensive system of herd-recordkeeping.

Pens hold the animals so that you can work with them as a group. All animals in the pen are listed in this area. Click on a row to change the rest of the screen to that animal.

Animals can be sorted by over a dozen fields (such as tattoo, tag, birth date and sale lot number) or manually put into the pen by in whatever order the user determines.

User fields provide advanced flexibility — the label of each field can be changed and the data portion provides drop-down, user-defined selection data.

Menu commands and icons provide All basic animal informa-Eleven tabs organize access to many other AIMS operations tion is shown in this area. hundreds of fields.

The main tab area changes depending on the selected tab. Most provide either Single or All (spreadsheet) views of the respective data; and those spreadsheets can be sorted by any field with a simple right-click on the header.

Registration information is entered on one screen, with many fields filled in automatically when a new calf is first added to the system.

Aims starts with a simple click on this icon or by several other typical Windows methods.

Viewing a three-generation pedigree is simply a click on the Pedigree tab. More generations and advanced data can be viewed by clicking an animal’s name or

National Cattle Evaluation

AIMS includes the entire Angus Sire Evaluation database along with a search engine almost identical to the popular Internet site. Minimum and maximum criteria can be entered for any EPD – including the ultrasound body composition EPDs – to search for matching sires; these criteria profiles can be saved for later use. Also, each time the NCE data is re-calculated (December and July) the new data can be downloaded at no charge from the Internet so that all eligible animals in your database are updated with the latest EPDs.

Versatile Reports

Over 40 reports have been developed to help document and analyze your herd. Just select the animals you want to appear in a report and view them on the screen or send the report to your printer.

Crystal Report Writer – Have an idea for a report that didn't come with AIMS? No problem. Just purchase Crystal Report Writer (CRW) direct from the Association and a greatly reduced price. You can use CRW to create your own custom reports. CRW is also powerful enough to create camera-ready copy for your sale catalog or other materials – even in color.

The AIMS department provides several custom reports for download from the AIMS website. We can also design reports for you — a small fee applies depending on the complexity of each report.

Support, Updates & Training

On-line help is available as well as a user's manual, which is included as an Acrobat file on the installation CD. However, if you run into a problem and you cannot find a solution, call the Association at 816-383-5100 and ask for "software support." Help is available from 8:30 a.m. to

4:00 p.m., CST, Mon.-Fri. You can also contact us by fax at 816-233-9703 or email at The AIMS website ( also has support information. A Help file is always accessible and a complete manual can be printed from the installation CD.

Current policy is that AIMS is a one-time purchase. In other words, there are no on-going cost (except a $15 flat fee for EPD updates twice a year. AIMS support is free, upgrades are free (major upgrades are mailed by CD, minor upgrades are available by Internet download).

Tech Notes is a column included in the Angus Journal. The subjects are typical questions from AIMS users as well as information on new and updated features.

Workshops and demonstrations are put on throughout the year to interested users, usually at major Angus events. One-or two-day workshops can also be set up by groups of AIMS users in a local area and the director will provide the training and most travel expenses. Contact the AIMS department for more information.

Hardware Requirements

AIMS will run under Windows 95, 98, 2000, NT and XP. Typical minimum features are a PC-compatible Pentium, 64 MB of RAM and a 1 GB hard disk. You must also have a CD-ROM in order to install the software. Note: these are not considered difficult specs to meet — if you have a relatively new computer, it will work.

An Internet connection is not required, but it makes sending and receiving update files much easier. Network installations can be accommodated, although special software might be necessary for simultaneous multi-user access (contact the AIMS department for more information).

Quick Start

A file of your herd records is included with initial purchase. The file includes all of your registered cattle — including enough animals for complete three-generation pedigrees — and performance records on disk (3½" floppy). You won't need to input any records before using AIMS. You can also add commercial cattle if desired.

Additional animals — such as AI sires or purchased animals — can be added to your system for $2 per head ($1 if you own them and a $15 minimum applies). It’s a great way to add animals without the hassle of keying in lots of data. Just send us their registration numbers and we’ll return a file to import.

How to Order

AIMS is priced at an affordable $495 and is available only to American Angus Association members. Fill out an order form, including payment information, then mail or fax to:

American Angus Association

AIMS Department

3201 Frederick Ave.

Saint Joseph, MO 64506

Ph: 816-383-5100 · Fax: 816-233-9703 Email:

If the order form was not available with this brochure, please contact the AIMS department or print the form from the AIMS website at The website also includes more information on AIMS.