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Veterinary Feed Directive and Beyond

Troy Smith   |   Angus Media

INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. (Nov. 6, 2016) — The matter has been discussed ad nauseam in veterinarian Randall Spare’s opinion, but he fears some livestock producers still don’t get it. They need to understand that once the veterinary feed directive (VFD) rule becomes effective in 2017, some widely used animal health management practices will become illegal. While producers and their veterinarians often bristle at the idea of increased regulation, Spare said an attitude adjustment regarding the use of antibiotics is warranted.

A large-animal veterinarian practicing in Ashland, Kan., Spare shared that opinion while discussing the coming VFD requirement with cattle producers attending the 2016 Angus Convention in Indianapolis, Ind. He reminded his audience that, as of Jan. 1,

‘Stable’ Markets
Miranda Reiman   |   Certified Angus Beef LLC

INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. (Nov. 6, 2016) — Dramatic. A wild ride. A roller coaster. No matter what you’ve called the cattle market in the past few years, you may be glad to hear that the worst is behind you. “We believe the market is going to stabilize,” said Mike Murphy of CattleFax....

Roasting 101: Something for Everyone
Katie Alexander   |   Certified Angus Beef LLC

INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. (Nov. 5, 2016) — Most of those attending the 2016 Angus Convention Nov. 5-7 in Indianapolis, Ind., knew how to produce the beef that could make a perfect roast. They probably felt less confident about cooking it. That’s why Chef Ashley Breneman, with the Certified Angus...

A Benefit to All Involved
Laura Conaway   |   Certified Angus Beef LLC

INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. (Nov. 5, 2016) — Keep it simple. If producers took anything away from the Innovation Workshops sponsored by Zoetis at the 2016 Angus Convention Nov. 4-7 in Indianapolis, Ind., it would be to find the ideas that matter and apply them. Don’t focus as much on the numbers from...

It’s Our Turn to Make the Right Decisions
Shauna Rose Hermel   |   Angus Media

INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. (Nov. 5, 2016) — CEO Allen Moczygemba took to the stage in Indianapolis, Ind., Nov. 5 to welcome Angus members, commercial cattlemen and allied industry to the 2016 Angus Convention. Celebrating the heritage of the breed, he emphasized the impact of George Grant’s decision...


Main Stage Sessions

FY16 Annual Report

American Angus Association year-end reports point to growth for registered Angus genetics, demand for Certified Angus Beef®.

Long-Range Strategic Plan

American Angus Association leaders reveal their plans for growth, leadership and the industry’s first Genomic Education Center.

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