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Angus University featuring Edd Hendee
Edd Hendee and his wife, Nina, own and operate the renowned Taste of Texas restaurant in Houston, which they launched in 1977. The restaurant has gained local and national acclaim for setting the standard of steakhouse excellence and for its consummate Texas hospitality. In 1984, the restaurant needed a new concept for survival. Hendee embraced the Certified Angus Beef® brand and doubled sales in three years. In 1991, they constructed their own building, leading to a 300-seat hotspot and growing fame as today’s top volume independent restaurant in the world for Certified Angus Beef®. Hendee spoke to 2017 Angus Convention attendees about the significance of the Certified Angus Beef® brand and how their Angus beef lands on his dining room table.
2017 Angus Convention Highlights
International Genomics Symposium Panel Discussion
This engaging panel discussion at the International Genomics Symposium featured Dr. Dan Moser, AGI president; Dr. Stephen Miller, AGI genetic research director; and Kelli Retallick, AGI genetic service director.
International Genomics Symposium featuring Dr. Dan Moser and Dr. Stewart Bauck
2017 Angus Convention - Opening Session, CEO Allen Moczygemba
2017 Angus Convention: Tribute to Rich Wilson
During Rich Wilson’s decades of service as Association chief financial officer, Certified Angus Beef ® was created, the Angus Journal® was purchased, and Angus youth organizations grew by leaps and bounds. He retired in October, but he left a lasting impact on the Angus Association. Watch our tribute to Rich.
2018 Angus Convention Announcement
Angus Foundation- 2017 in Review