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The American Angus Association. Board of Directors approved changes to the $Value Indexes during the February board meeting Feb. 18-21, 2019. Updated $Value Indexes will be available this June, and changes include revisions to Beef Value ($B), adding Maternal Weaned Calf Value ($M) and rounding all $Values to whole dollars to eliminate decimals. Quality Grade ($QG) and Yield Grade ($YG) will be removed because $QG is redundant to the Marbling EPD, and $YG is redundant to Fat and REA EPDs. In addition, a balanced index will be implemented June 2020 with a complete education plan to be executed with the membership and industry to take place over the next 15 months.
The use of multi-trait selection indexes as tools for commercial cow-calf operators and seedstock breeders is rapidly evolving in the beef industry. Selection indexes are a tool to select for several traits at once. An index approach takes into account genetic and economic values to select for economic merit. A multi-trait index approach can be contrasted to single-trait selection or independent culling levels. An index is challenging to develop, but the end result is easy to use, adding simplicity and convenience of a multi-trait approach. The Expected Progeny Differences (EPDs) currently available through the American Angus Association, along with numerous individual performance measures, can become overwhelming. Weaned Calf Value ($W), Feedlot Value ($F), Grid Value ($G) and Beef Value ($B) are bioeconomic values, expressed in dollars per head, to assist commercial beef producers by adding simplicity to genetic selection decisions.
  • $B – A new model for Beef Value ($B) will be implemented, which more correctly aligns with today’s heavier fed cattle weights. One effect of the new model will be to slightly lessen the current impact of carcass weight and place a greater emphasis on marbling and yield. Additionally, marbling premiums will be increased knowing that a high percentage of Angus cattle are going to be marketed on a high-quality grid.

    Click here to learn more about the new Beef Value.
  • $W – The current Weaned Calf Value ($W) will remain the same.
  • $M – Maternal Weaned Calf Value will include nine traits with a greater emphasis on maternal traits than any of the tools currently available. Traits in the $M value will include calving ease direct and maternal, weaning weight, milk, mature weight, heifer pregnancy, docility and foot score – both claw set and foot angle EPDs. This transition will help producers to better define efficiency in a commercial cow-calf environment.
  • $QG and $YG - The current $Values for $QG and $YG will be eliminated as they are duplicative to EPDs currently in place. ($QG is redundant to the Marbling EPD, while $YG is redundant to Fat and REA EPDs).

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