American Angus Association

Membership Updates

Member Services Updates

  1. The Board of Directors approved to have staff create an optional service for members to have hard copy transferred certificates mailed directly to the buyer for a fee of $3 per transferred certificate. With the current fall sale season approaching, this optional service will now be available for all to utilize beginning on October 1, 2018 at the above mentioned cost of $3 per printed transferred certificate.

    If you would like to take advantage of this new optional service, use the comment section inside of AAA Login when checking out your cart of transfers to indicate your request. If you submit transfers via emailed files, mention your request in the body of the email. If hard copy certificates are mailed into the office for transfer, include correspondence indicating a request to mail transferred certificates to buyers.

  2. The Board of Directors approved to adopt and utilize a best practices statement (see below) and to increase the DNA parentage correction fee to $5 beginning January 1, 2019.

“Parentage Best Practices”

When submitting calves with unknown parentage, or if you use multi-sire pastures, it is highly recommended that you test the calf for parentage prior to registering. At the time you submit the DNA sample on the calf for parentage testing, the calf will be assigned a temporary number (BIR Number). Then provide all possible sires by creating a sire group. This will allow the DNA to direct the system to determine the correct sire, allow us to make the correction on the calf’s weight data, and then you can submit the registration application and register the calf correctly. This procedure will ultimately save you time and extra effort.

To create a sire group, go to Member Login/My Herd/Animal Groups/Create Sire Group. In the ‘Sire Group Identifier’ box type in the name for your sire group. An example would be 2018 sires, North Pasture, etc. Click on ’Add New Sire’ and type in the registration numbers for your sires. Click on ‘Save’ when finished. If you need to add additional sires you can do that by clicking on ‘Add Additional Sires’.